While traveling on a long distance trip, it is normal for us to have a sleep on the car, boat or airplane. The most irritating thing is that the sunshine continues to disturb us from the deepest sleep by hitting our eyes. Thus, on your next trip, you should have an eye mask with you.

To help you with the selection list, we have designed this article just for you. This article will provide the information about the top ten best eye masks for travel that you can bring along with your trip. Also, at the end of the article, you are going to see a buying guide section which will tour you through the main features of the best eye mask.

List Of Top 10 Best Eye Masks for Travel in 2020


Cotton Sleep Mask

First of all, we have this good eye mask which is made of soft and breathable cotton to enhance the quality of your sleep. The cotton materials are guaranteed to be 100% organic, which is friendly for health and environment. It is able to block the light just perfectly with its wide size. Although the sunshine is bright in the front, you still get a feeling of sleeping in the darkness. It is so lightweight that you will never feet any discomfort even if you wear it to sleep. The Velcro makes a wide range of possible adjustment, which will never mess up your hair even in bed. Lastly, it will never move around while you are sleeping.

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9. Cabeau

Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep

Cabeau has designed another great eye mask for you at a reasonable price. It is built from 100% polyester which offers a soft and smooth texture. It works well with both men and women while they are traveling outside. It comes with a nose strip which is padded and adjustable. Users are guaranteed to stay away from the light while sleeping if they put this mask on. There are also fabric straps which are for sleeping in bed. In addition, there is no chances that it will mess up your hair. Last but not least, earplugs are also provided to keep you from all the unpleasant noise that could deter you from the sleep.

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8. iSkey

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth

Next, this sleeping eye mask is from iSkey which is available in beautiful grey color. It is not only a sleeping eye mask but ialso provides a headphone which is connected via Bluetooth to provide the best music quality while you are in your deepest sleep. It comes with 5.0 battery which requires the charging between 2 and 2.5 hours. After that, users can use it for up to 10 hours with confidence. Users will never feel any pressure on their eye while putting this eye mask on because it uses the highest quality materials, such as memory foam and fabric. It has the size at 20-26 inches which works well with both adults and children.

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7. TOPOINT Eye Mask for Travel

 Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

TOPOINT also provides one of the best eye masks on the market for users to improve their sleep quality. This is a 2-in-1 product which includes a headphone and a mask inside the package. The headphones are there to secure you against noise outside. No matter you are indoors or outdoors, the eye mask can still serve you well. The mask has bending cartilage style which can be adjusted to fit you well. They are designed to block the light for almost 100%. The headphone is operated based on a battery which can last for the maximum of 9 hours after a 2 hours charging. Last but not least, it is made of high quality cotton which guarantees you with the best sleeping experience.

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6. FRESHME Eye Mask for Travel

100% Handmade Cotton Sleep

Moving onto the next eye mask for travel, it is the product from FRESHME. For this sleep mask you are guaranteed to have the light blocking out of your sight. It is very soft and comfortable because it is made of organic cotton and spandex. It provides a soft touch on your eyes which can bring you to sleep easily. The mask are made to be adjustable perfectly to fit you with the best comfort. The cotton is friendly to skin, and the mask is lightweight enough to make you feel like there is nothing on your face. A carry bag is provided for you to hold this eye mask while going outdoors. More importantly, it is built to last for many years ahead.

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5. Cozynight Eye Mask

Cozynight Weighted Sleep

Just as its name mentions, Cozynight has designed this eye mask to provide you the best cozy night that you have ever experienced in life. The mask is made of glass beads which can help you to eliminate fatigue while using your eyes for many hours. The back straps are designed to be adjustable for you to choose the right position for yourself. More importantly, if you cannot sleep well during the night, this eye mask can also enhance the quality of your sleep. It is so portable that you can always bring it along wherever you go. Last but not least, the quality has almost the lifetime guarantee for you.

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4. Joseche Eye Mask

 Sleep Headphones Bluetooth

Joseche has brought us another great black eye mask which can accommodate our demand and boost our sleeping performance to the best. It also includes a headphone in the set for you to enjoy the deepest sleep. It works with the most advanced technology to offer the best sound quality which you can connect with your smart devices. It works with a battery which is able to play the music for over 9 hours. The eye mask is designed to be washable, and it is soft and comfortable enough to make your sleep better and better day by day. It also features the Velcro at the back for you to adjust to your own fit.

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 MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

For this sleep eye mask, you are provided with 3 color choices, which are black, blue and purple. It is built from soft memory foam which offers great comfort on your face and eyes. It will never add any pressure to your body while sleeping. It also comes with heated technology which makes it durable and not falling apart easily. It comes with adjustable straps to fit all types of head circumferences. It also never catches your hair to create a mess when you wake up in the next morning. Last but not least, it works effectively in blocking the light to comfort your eyes.

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2. PrettyCare

 PrettyCare Sleep Mask 2

Now, we have this eye mask from PrettyCare. It is super slim that you can enjoy the maximum comfort with the thickness at only 0.6 centimeters. It has a lightweight body at only 0.4 oz, and it has a large width to cover your eyes completely to prevent them from getting disturbed by the light. It has a loop design which can be adjusted between 9cm and 20cm. It also features 2 earplugs in high quality for you to enjoy the best sleeping experience.

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1. Lewis N.Clark

 Lewis N Clark Comfort Eye

Last but not least, this eye mask from Lewis N.Clark is good at light blocking which is suitable for you in both daytime and night time. It is designed to be soft and comfortable for you to sleep deeply. Although it has only 1 size, it fits with everyone, including both adults and children. It is lightweight and breathable which is healthy and friendly to your sleeping performance. It is also designed to be durable enough for long term use. It is also washable which ensures you with clean environment for living and sleeping. Last but not least, the fabric also guarantees you the best sleep with relief on your eyes and headache.

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Buying guide

There are certain features that we should look for before making our decision to choose an eye mask for home and travel use, and below is the criteria.

Materials:  it should be made from fabric or cotton to provide a soft touch for the eyes to rest well during the night.

Light blocking: the quality of light blocking features should be as good as possible because our sleep is usually disturbed by the light.

Headphone: for some eye masks, they come with a headphone provided that you can wear to sleep. The headphone is normally operated with a battery which can last for 9-10 hours after a full charge in 2 hours.

Adjustable: the adjustable straps are there for us to adjust to provide the best fit and comfort while sleeping.


After working hard for the whole day, our body is demanding for the best night sleep performance to recharge the body with energy and power to continue on working on the next day. Therefore, there is no reasons that we should not bring an eye mask back home for both indoor and outdoor use.