A healthy consumption should be something full of vitamins and proteins. However, we can’t just swallow the whole chunk into our stomach to let it convert into some healthy ingredients to feed your everyday lives. Therefore, teeth play a vital role in transforming the whole chunk into mini chews. It provides a bright and nice smile to enhance the look on your face. Without it, your beauty and your healthy meals couldn’t function well. We all know that, in order to keep our teeth nice and solid, we need to brush our teeth twice a day and see the doctor frequently for checkups.

On the other hand, brushing with a normal toothbrush, sometimes couldn’t help you remove all of the bad smells and the small leftovers on your teeth that well. This is why an Electric Toothbrush is being used to tackle all of these problems. This article will be going through the top 10 electric toothbrushes based on their features and our experiences in using them.

List of Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes to buy in 2020

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What is the best electric toothbrush?

To find out which one is the best, you may have to go through the following electric toothbrush reviews.

10. Fairywill: electric toothbrush

 Fairywill Dual Electric

Here comes with a high-functioned toothbrush set that could enhance your teeth’s health in 2 weeks with Fairywill. Fairywill toothbrush comes in 5 different brushes for you to fit the needs of your teeth conditions along with your gums. The dual black and white brush comes in the total of 10 brush heads to alter. The brush itself works by USB charging to make it work, as it runs in a low noise and cleans your teeth passionately like magic.

With the 4 hours of charge you could definitely use this guy up to 30days which is ideal for porting overseas. Coming off with a brush, Fairywill consists of 40,000 micro brushes that could enter even small gaps pretty decently.

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9. Burst Oral Care: eco friendly electric toothbrush

BURST Sonic Electric

A durable and fast charging toothbrush is what you need to clean your teeth well in one set. Burst Oral Care is another battery chargeable toothbrush that comes in 2 different colors for you to choose, black and white. This model consists of a total 2minutes of cleaning vibration and 33,000 micro brushes that could remove stains and mini chunks well.

With its high technique bristle, Burst has added charcoal in each of the bristles to work way more functional and faster as it helps whitens your teeth in no time.

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8. Ellsye Atmoko: travel electric toothbrush

 ATMOKO Sonic Power

An artistic and smart looking toothbrush might suit your preference with this Ellsye Atmoko toothbrush. A 5in1 functions that are included such as polish, massage, clean, whiten and soft feature in one brush along with a replaceable 6 brushing heads that could be changed once every 3months.

Thanks to the powerful and strong cleaning power that clears up all of the stains and debris away in a blink of an eye. With the high-tech production, this model is made to be wireless charged with a clean and tough carrying case that is BPA-free and the best storage for your brush as well. Ellsye Atmoko is a perfect travel toothbrush companion for most travellers.

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7. Fairywill P11:

Fairywill Sonic Electric

This is another Fairywill electric toothbrush, but it is more ideal for those who are looking for something that is great for a single user more than dual users. This Fairywill P11 comes with a sleek and classy design toothbrush along with 4 different brushing heads for you to alter with the repetitive brush style. However, unlike the previous one, with its updated technique in constructing, this model does the job more efficiently as it cleans your teeth faster, cleaner and the brush just literally lasts longer than usual.

As it is being certified in safe usage with the IPX7 waterproofing brush, you can definitely use this without any hassle. Since the P11 function is equipped into this guy, it eliminates all of the germs and toxic chemicals out of your toothbrush right away, when you’re done brushing it.

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6. Red-Ni ET201: automatic toothbrush

RED-NI Sonic

If you are looking for something that comes with a guarantee for its maintenance, not to worry Red-Ni ET201 might be a great pick for you to consider. This model comes with a one-year warranty to ensure the lifespan of this brush’s usage. Red-Ni ET201 consists of 5 cleaning modes for you to select including, polishing, sensitive teeth, cleaning, whitening and gum-caring that could enhance your teeth’s health and hygiene in 2 weeks.

Not just that, each micro brush is constructed with a fine and soft nylon to ensure a clean cleaning. It comes with 3 replaceable brushing heads for you to change every 12 weeks along with 4 different colors for you to choose, white, black, pink and blue.

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5. Aquasonic: ultrasonic toothbrush

AquaSonic VIBE Series

An economical and high-quality is right around the corner for you to easily choose, especially this Aquasonic electric toothbrush. Since it is charged wirelessly, this model ensures a faster and higher speed in charging your toothbrush that could last up to a full month of usage. Just like most of the electric toothbrushes, Aquasonic toothbrush consists of 4 brushing modes for you to alter along with an active 40,000 micro brushes in helping you clean and remove all of the stains and plaque along your gums effortlessly.

Apart from that, this electric toothbrush is built in a very compact design with a lightweight and nice grip to hold as it is waterproof and certified in IPX7. It comes in 3 various colors, a shiny rose gold, white and metallic charcoal.

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4. Dnsly: rechargeable toothbrush

 Sonic Rechargeable Electric

This is another affordable electric toothbrush that you can obtain, even if you are on a low budget. Dnsly is designed in a W-shaped brush heads to guarantee an efficient and clean cleaning throughout the day. With the high-technique production, this electric toothbrush consists of 40,000 micro brushes in a Sonic system that could remove all of the stains, mini chunks and plaques away instantly and maintain your healthy oral health for a lifetime.

It is made into 5 different cleaning modes for you to select and the whole brush can be washed, since it is certified to be an IPX7 waterproof. It comes in 3 brushing heads for you to vary and this is also contemplated as an ideal electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth as well.

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3. Philips Sonicare HX6817: electric toothbrush

Philips Sonicare

This electric toothbrush of the review, provides a soft and gentle cleaning to your teeth. Philips Sonicare HX6817 consists of a detective pressure motion that could alert, when you’re brushing your teeth way too hard. Thanks to the Quad Pacer and smart timing control that allows you to clean your teeth with the desired parts with the right amount of time.

This electric toothbrush comes with a superb performance in cleaning all the plaque up to 7 times cleaner than most brushes. The 14 days of battery life would sure be long enough for you to charge for once.

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2. Oral-B electric toothbrush

 Electric Toothbrush

This is another well-known brand, when it comes to oral care. Oral-B’s electric toothbrush comes with a strong and powerful metallic look. Thus, it is seemingly fitted to be an electric toothbrush with braces. With the rounded brush design, this ensures to clean all of the chunks and plaques well between your teeth gaps and gum well. Oral-B consists of 6 ultimate high-technique cleaning functions for you to select along with a visible sensor and a timer, displayed right on the brush.

Since it is ADA certified, this model is safe for use as a daily cleaning process with 10days of the operating battery life and 2 interchangeable brushing heads are provided.

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1. Wagner Switzerland Electric Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush edition might suit perfectly for those who are looking for an extra whitening care to their teeth. This ultimate electric toothbrush is made in 5 different cleaning modes for you to alter including the dual modes in whitening care. With a lightweight and nice grip design, this model is suitable for daily usage and it is wireless chargeable too.

Unlike any other brushes, Wagner Switzerland consists of 3 levels of intensity in cleaning and removing all the stains, chunks and plaque away from your teeth gap and gum. Moreover, its battery is also long-lasting, for its full charge can be used to the maximum of 30 days. The package also includes 8 soft dupont brushheads. Last but least, it offers one-year replacement warranty.

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Buying Guide

Since finding an ultimate toothbrush to use for your daily lives and suit your preference is not an easy pick. This article would guide you along the way to help you pick a great and desired electric toothbrush with these few ideas:

  • Cleaning Modes: it is highly recommended to find an electric toothbrush that comes in different brushing modes for you to alter based on your own preferences.
  • Waterproof: it is essential to seek for an electric toothbrush that is water-proof to ensure a long-lasting usage.
  • Battery: make sure that the battery life of the brush could last at least a week for a higher-portability.
  • Brushing Heads: it is optional to find a package that consists of extra brushing heads to change. It is even better to have different brush heads for different cleaning purposes.
  • Warranty: ask the seller for a guarantee or warranty to ensure higher maintenance.


We’ve come off to an end of this article. And we hope we have solved all of your concerns regarding which product to use, to maintain a healthy and bright look on your teeth. An electric toothbrush does a great job in removing all of the mini chunks inside your tight teeth gap effortlessly. Plus, it leaves a fresh and healthy smell and appearance for you every single day.

This electric toothbrush applies for all types of teeth conditions. It does not matter that you have braces on, or you are kids, or have sensitive teeth. The conditions would also be ideal by using this guy. I believe that getting one of the mentioned products won’t regret you later with its affordable price and features.