Users who are looking for electric portable cement mixers are welcome here. We know you are planning to run medium-sized projects such as building some walls that you are between an amateur and professional builder. Good cement mixers are solid and flexible while it can mix cement or concrete well-balanced. Along with a product buying guide, we are here for the 10 best electric portable cement mixers.

Best Electric Portable Cement Mixers in 2020

10. Barrow Electric Portable Cement Mixers

FT Portable Electric Concrete

Barrow is a heavy-duty electric portable cement mixer that works greatly for a semi-professional. It is a heavy-duty cement mixer because it is constructed with solid steel. Although, it can be just another cement mixer, users should expect to use it for many years. Barrow can rotate 27.5 drums per minute that mixes well mortar, stucco and concrete for building projects.

It is portable because there are rubber wheels that let users move the mixer along their project sites. Lastly, it weighs 50.2 pounds, that is a good weight for moving the mixer around.

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9. Cuft

5cuft Concrete Mixer

Cuft electric portable cement mixer is made with solid steel that guarantees the heavy-duty quality of its. Furthermore, there are rubber wheels. We all will move conveniently Cuft cement mixer from one place to another. There are 27.5 drums per minute for the mixing and rotating process. The product makes it easy to mix cement at home.

Since it is a small cement mixer, it’s easy to keep the product as well. You should get it if you are so sure about the company because there is no warranty with the product. However, Cuft is a good cement mixer, from our point of view.

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8. Colibox

Portable 5Cuft Electric

Colibox portable cement mixer has two wheels for users to move the mixer. It is constructed with a heavy-duty material mainly solid steel that makes the performance good for years or decades. We all want the cement mixer that is long-lasting for future projects. The product is good to mix various types of mixings including mortar, stucco and concrete.

The Colibox mixer has a motor that is 0.5 in horsepower. As said, it is good to mix various types of construction solutions. It is good with a standard voltage of 110V, so it is normal for all households that you can use the cement mixer without thinking twice. Lastly, the company is offering a full-satisfaction warranty. This is to guarantee there is no wrong decision for you as users.

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7. Wheel

8 CU FT Wheel Barrow Portable

You can choose this Wheel mixer because it has a capacity for eight cubic feet. The eight cubic feet is for average-sized projects. The motor runs at 0.5 horsepower that is powerful enough for a mixer. You should expect Wheel to do mundane mixings such as concrete mixing for projects such as making concrete floors at your backyards.

Alongside, the drum rotation is 23 RPM. Because the voltage standard for it is 110V, there should not be a second consideration whether it is applicable with your household voltage standard.

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6. Kushlan

Kushlan Products 350DD

We all can take Kushlan into consideration because the cement mixer is constructed with steel. The voltage system is 120V, so it is a standard voltage system. The product is a bit heavy with a 96-pound weight. However, because there are two wheels with polyurethane tires, there is no worry whether you can bring Kushlan around or not.

Furthermore, the tires are flat-free because of the polyurethane material. The product runs on 0.75 horsepower that is more than enough for personal construction plans. We, of course, do not recommend it for professional uses.

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5. Klutch

Klutch Portable Electric

Klutch has its drum constructed with polypropylene that is easy to clean for later uses. The drum capacity is a little bit small with 2 cubic feet, so it is for only small-sized construction plans. Although, Klutch is a small mixer; it can hold 108 pounds of mixing ingredients.

Furthermore, the drum speed is 26 RPM. In addition, the product runs on 0.25 horsepower. As said, it is for small construction plans only. It consumes an energy of 250 watts.

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4. Yardmax


Yardmax’s company is offering two choices of capacities including 1.6 and 4 cubic feet ones. The first one is for small plans, and the latter one is for average-sized plans. Although, the drum is constructed with solid steel; it has been designed for an easy to clean feature too. In fact, both the gearbox and motor are certified with Ip45 for an easy wash. Please do not underestimate this quality because you can find it hard to very clean the drum each time you are using the mixer.

Even though Yardmax requires an assembly; it can take you only 30 minutes. To emphasize, it takes only one person to assemble the whole mixer. The product’s steel handle is for long-lasting uses.

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3. Suncoo

Electric Concrete Cement

Suncoo is good for users because it has a smooth stirring and mixture uniformity as an electric portable cement mixer. It is 110V, so your households match with the standard of electricity the cement mixer requires.

More importantly, the electric cement mixer is shock-proof and safe for every user.  The cement mixer is constructed with steel frame for durability and stability. The product is good to go with a weight of 50.3 pounds.

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2. Stark

Stark Portable 5 cu Ft Electric

Stark’s drum RPM is 23 that makes the cement mixer run with stability. The product is good to mix construction ingredients for mortar, stucco and concrete. Stark is not going to run with the accident because the product has its safety lock. It runs on a 0.5 motor power that is strong for projects bigger than a medium-sized one. However, we do not recommend it for big-sized construction plans.

We all know you are aware of this when you are looking for an electric portable cement mixing machine. It has two wheels for moving around, that is a plus.

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1. Goplus

Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

Goplus electric and portable cement mixer is made with steel frame. The steel frame material makes it years for using, on one hand. On the other hand, it is a stable cement mixer. Furthermore, a safety lock helps to guarantee there is no machine running without a users’ permission.

Besides, the drum is 23 RPM that makes good and quality mixing whether it is concrete or just cement. Its tires are made with rubber while the two wheels help to push Goplus around. The machine weighs 105 pounds.

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Buying Guide: Electric Portable Cement Mixers

Construction Material: You should choose the product that is made with a steel or steel frame because it promises you a durability in use for years to come. Moreover, the steel material makes a stable electric and portable cement mixer.

Drum RPM: The cement mixer should have a top-rated drum RPM between 20 and 25 because it can mix well and takes fairly little time to mix ingredients for projects such as building new walls, making pet homes and laying floors on the backyards.

Easy-to-clean Drum: Drum can be made of different materials as long as it is certified for easy cleaning because cleaning drums each time you use can be difficult. Whenever you do not make sure the drum is clean, it can stick to some ingredients that reduce the high performance of a cement mixer.

Wheels: Wheels have their purpose for portability. Good products come with two wheels, so you can move the electric and portable cement mixer from one place to another in a short distance. For a far distance, we do not really recommend it at all. However, users will always use the cement mixer inside your houses only.

Product’s Weight: Although there are wheels for moving the electric and portable cement mixers around your homes, the weight can put a lot of pressure on you when you are moving it around. Users should find a balance between the weight and portability because the very light-weight cement mixer might not be very useful.


You are looking at the right place if you have many ideas in mind about your new construction projects. Mixing construction ingredients manually does not come with a good quality because you are not as precise as a machine. As a result, it is good to have a compact-sized electric and portable cement mixer to mix for concrete and other solutions for your construction sites.

While these products are not recommended for professional uses, household users are highly recommended. The good product should be constructed with steel frame for long-lasting and high performance uses. Furthermore, the drum RPM should be fairly enough to precisely mix the construction solutions you wish for.

Additionally, it should be very easy to clean drums, so you do not meet roadblocks when you are mixing the next time. What’s more, there should be a wheel so that you can move it for using or storage. Lastly, the product should be balanced between weight and portability, that means it should be fairly heavy that you can move it around. The small electric cement mixer that is too lightweight might not be a stable and durable cement mixer.