Having a perfect massage on your own, right in the comfort of your house is possible today with an incredible wearable electric massager. These devices have been developed to simulate real massages and they offer convenience, comfort and efficacy.

This article introduces the top 10 wearable electric massagers and highlights each one of them. You will learn about how they operate, which areas of the body do they target, their recommended use, as well as, safety features that are paramount especially in heat using massagers.

At the end, find an informative buying guide that will explain the factors to consider in getting the best electric massager that matches your needs or goals.

List Of Top 10 Best Wearable Electric Massagers to Buy in 2020

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10. Sequential Compression Leg Massager

 Sequential Compression

With the Sequential Compression Leg Massager, you can have your own massage when and where you want. This wearable leg massager is effective in relaxing muscles in calves, feet, or arms. It has an inflating/deflating feature for users’ comfort. Users can adjust the massager from the convenience of its controller; the device consists of 9 intensity levels for users with different objectives. Designed for its customers’ well-being, the massager has a velcro wrapping design with air hoses that are removable.

As such, the massager can be wrapped easily around calves, arms or thighs. When you want to have a foot massage or thigh massage in isolation, you just have to remove the air hoses. For users’ safety, the massager switches off after 20 minutes use. The massager includes a12-month warranty.

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9. Myovolt Wearable Recovery Technology

Myovolt Wearable

Have a relaxing and recomforting massage right in the comfort of your couch ! The Myovolt massager has been designed to boost circulation in shoulder muscles, improve flexibility of movement and reduce soreness. It is recommended for injury recovery or pre/post work-outs. It is perfect for recovery from pain. The massager has been clinically developed so that it delivers comfort and satisfactory outcome.

The wearable shoulder massager is digitally-controlled and operates by warming up, loosening and soothing stiff spots. Its ergonomic design has won the ‘patented soft and flexible’ award. Users can choose from 3 physio-designed programs based on their treatment or recovery needs. With a built-in lithium battery, the massager can last up to 10-time uses without recharging. With only 10 minutes of use, users will feel the results. It is perfect when traveling, at home, at the office or even at the gym.

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8. Greatlong Electric Neck Massager

 MAGLONG Electric Pulse

Having pain in your neck/shoulder area ? The Greatlong electric pulse neck massager is an effective device in relieving pain. The wearable neck massager uses low-frequency electric pulse with magnetic impacts to bring relief and wellness to users. In addition to that, the magnetic effect feature focuses on acupoint thereby improving cells tissues, oxygen supply, as well as, balancing the nervous system. Users will love how comfortable the massager is, thanks to its ergonomic U-shape that fits perfectly to the neck cervical.

Likewise, one can vary the intensity of their massage as the device features 10 intensity levels and 6 transferable modes. The Great Long Electric Pulse Neck Massager combines several ancient Chinese techniques to bring reliefs to body parts such as neck, shoulder, back or waist amongst others.

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7. Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

Heating Pad for Neck

Heat pads are renowned for being a great technique for pain relief. This wearable heating pad is perfect to alleviate pain in areas such as neck, shoulder or back. It also provides vibration massage; the heat pad includes two massage motors. For tailored massages, the heating pad includes 5 different pro-programmed modes. It is a convenient massager for frequent use; it is a hands-free device that has been designed so that it fits well to neck/shoulders contour. As such, This electric vibrating massager can be used while one is exercising, relaxing or on the move.

The wrap heats up quickly in only two minutes , it has 2 different heat levels. Having the safety of customers at heart, the device is equipped with an overheating protection thermostat. Likewise, it includes an automatic shut-off feature for greater reliability and safety.

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6. CHEROO Shoulder Heating Pad

 CHEROO Shoulder Heating

The CHEROO is a powerful wearable shoulder massager renowned for its two-in-one main feature ; heat therapy and vibration massage.  The former is adequate in providing heat to relieve pain from the shoulder area while the latter is perfect for relaxing both front and back sides of shoulders. The heat technique is efficient in soothing conditions such as bursitis, strain, soreness, stiffness, tendonitis or dislocated joints for instance.

Users like how convenient and easy-to-use the massager is ; they are able to customize the heat levels, the 6 pre-programmed massage modes and the 4 auto shut-off timers using the remote controller. Available in 2 sizes,  the pads can fit anyone and both shoulders. It is constructed of neoprene which is a very adequate material that supports shoulder injuries.

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5. Electric Neck Massager

 Electric Neck Massager

This wonderful portable neck massager is a wonderful device that will make you fall in love with it right from the first time. With its elegant and modern design, it is also very effective in massaging the neck to soothe soreness, enhance blood circulation and improve sleep. It includes well-developed features for users to get the most out of the massages. The massager includes 2 heating options, 3 vibration and 6 pulse modes, as well as, 30 different intensity levels. Users can also change the default 15-minute automatic shut-off depending on massage goals.

In the form of a headset, it is easily portable and can be worn while at home, office or in the car. Lightweight, it is very comfortable; the device is made of breathable material that exerts no pressure on the neck.  Its battery lasts for around 120 minutes after a full charge. On top of that, the neck massage includes a 2-year warranty. We believe this the best electric back massager you may need.

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4. IASO Red Light Therapy Device and Massager

 [IASO] Red Light Therapy Device and Massager

This IASO massager uses red light therapy to heal body tissues and relieve pains. It is the pioneer in hands-free cold laser tools for relieving pain. Its compact and rechargeable feature makes it perfect to be used on the go or while indulged in daily activities. While working or reading, you can use the IASO massager to massage your back, neck, shoulders, knees, back or other parts where you are feeling pain.

Users have three different modes to choose from; they vary in vibration and light therapy. This powerful device is FDA registered and is safe for users. To supplement the package, a 1-year warranty is included.

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3. Electric Leg Massager with Heat

Leg Massager with Heat

A nice wearable leg massager that will effectively improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Comfortable to wear, this air massager uses heat technique with 3 by 2 airbags that target calves to toes. Users can adjust the heat intensity by changing the ‘heat function’. Likewise, there are 6 different massage programs, 2 temperatures functions and 3 intensity levels that can be easily adjusted using a manual controller.

It supports calves’ size of up to 28.5 inches and the wraps are easily adjustable to fit different legs and calves. This massager will definitely enhance your massaging experience.

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2. Electric Leg Massager with Heat Function, Beauty Kate

 Beauty Kate Leg Massager

This wonderful wearable electric leg massager is perfect for home or office use while you are doing your activities. It has an upgraded 360° wrapping design for a more effective performance. It helps to alleviate fatigue, boosts circulation and relaxes muscles. Users can have a personalized massaging experience by choosing from its 6 different modes and 3 intensities.

Likewise, 3 heating options are available for better results with different needs. This electric foot massager is perfect for frequent use. With lightweight, portable and remote control, it is suitable for traveling also !

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1. MaxKare Large Heating Pad

 MaxKare Large Heating Pad

The MaxKare heating pad comes in an upgraded larger design for larger coverage. The pads fit perfectly to contour to deliver greatest relief to muscle fatigue and stiffness. It is very convenient as it is a hands-free massager with fixture straps that make the pads stable and prevent them from slipping while in use.

In addition to that, it includes 5 heat levels and 2 automatic-off timers to prevent overheating and keep users safe. The MaxKare is also washable after having the controller out ;  as such, it ensures longer service life and keeps the pads hygienic.

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What to Look at:

Areas covered
One should consider which areas of their body they would like the massager to target. While there are devices that target only certain spots such as the neck or legs, other massagers can be used for several body parts.

One should opt for massaging devices that include safety features. This applies specially to heat-using massagers ; auto-shut off and fixed operating time are two important safety options.

Other features
Massagers that are portable and lightweight might be more attractive to some people. For instance, if you travel a lot or would like to use it at your office and home. Similarly, you might consider the materials used in the massagers and how comfortable the wearable device is.