Do you like reading so much but get no more space to store your books? No worries! With a new technology advancement, you can store as many books as you can and carry all of them with you within just a single device.

Here, we provide a list of top 10 best eBook readers that help to reduce barriers to your reading habits. All of them come with different designs, features, and pricing. So, you have all of the time to find the one that meets your needs and requirements.

List Of Top 10 Best eBook Readers in 2020

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10. inkBOOK

 inkBOOK Prime HD

Start collecting as many ebooks as you like with this inkBook. This technology comes with a larger storage that allows you to keep up to 10,000 books. Even if you are a bookworm, it is enough to use for years. The product has a glare free feature which is great for your eyes. As the owners, you will be able to adjust the level of brightness to fit your reading eyes. Moreover, there is also another great feature which is known as Color Management.

This lets the users to experiment any color background that can keep their eyes cold during reading. inkBOOK is also built with Quad Core CPC which increases the overall performance and proceeding speed. It is also compatible with a lot of applications which include ePub, MOBI, PDF, and others. You can use it for days since it has a very long lasting battery life.

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9. Sony

Sony PRS-600 Touch

Sony has always become a famous brand for decades. Now, it also brings about the top quality eBook readers to our list. This is known as Sony PRS-600 that comes with background light and brightness adjustment. It has a good contrasting light which makes the display view more precise. This makes it easy for users to read with bare eyes. It also features cover light which is a function to use for night reading.

This function helps to limit the level of brightness from the screen to touch your eyes which prevents eye soreness. This eBook from Sony also allows you to play background music along the way while you are reading as well which is perfect for music lovers.

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You can now enjoy any good books with BOOX Max3 13.3 E-reader. This technology comes with amazing CPU OCta Core and processor of 2GHz that allows you to load more pages at the same time with a very fast processing speed too. Do not worry about storage! This ebook reader allows you to extend the storage by inserting additional SD card. Therefore, you can have more room to install thousands of ebooks.

The product can also be connected to external keyboard and mice. At the same time, it allows you to note down your thoughts in various formats. It is compatible with PDF, ePub, DJVU, DOC, TXT, and more. Coming with 4300mAh battery, it works and lasts for a very long time.

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7. Kobo

 Kobo Forma

Dive into any interesting books anywhere you go with Kobo Forma. This eBook reader has a very lightweight and compact construction that allows users to put inside their bag or backpack easy. It comes with a smooth touchscreen feature in which users can take control on very quickly. This e-reader also comes with new rotation technology that provides both portrait and landscape reading mode for its users to choose.

You can conveniently turn from one page to another by simply clicking on the built in button provided. Thanks to its large storage memories, it offers a space for users to keep up to 6000 eBooks to read for years.

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6. Pocketbook

 PocketBook e-Book

Stop limiting yourself from great books and start surfing for more on Pocketbook eBook reader. This product comes with a 4 inches large screen that is touchable. Therefore, it is quick and easy for users to take control of it. It is built with E-ink carta display which looks exactly like paperback books. Coming with a built-in backlight, this eBook also enables users to read at night or even in the dark.

It also features 16 shades of grey which is a brightness system that is good and safe for bare eyes. It comes with a 1500 mAh battery light which allows its users to use continuously for hours.

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5. Nook

Barnes & Noble Nook

Among all of the ebook reader reviews, this one from Nook can be a main competitor to kindle. This product comes with glow light mode which allows users to continue reading even at night time or during the dark. It also comes with brightness adjustment which you can adjust from day to night mode to meet the needs and requirements of your eyes. Because it is finished with a soft touch, it provides a good and ergonomic grip at the back.

What is more, it also comes with a fluent touchscreen technology that offers smooth touch. Together with its premium processor, it performs at a very fast speed which is what every user looking for. Nook eBook reader has a large battery which continue to last for 50 days straight with just one time charge.

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BOOX Nova Pro

Here we also have another product from BOOX and this one is known as BOOX Nova Pro 7.8 E Paper E-Reader. By just hearing the name, you can know that this technology provides a paper-like reading experience to its users. This makes it easy and safe for your eyes. Since it is also built with flush glass-based screen, it covers most of brightness from entering your eyes which can prevent eye soreness. Other than this, it is very smooth to touch and control as well.

BOOX also provides high resolution to any displays and still keep precise viewing from any angle you look at the screen. As it enables Google Play to be connected to the device, it means that users can also play music or video at the same time of reading.

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3. Likebook Mars

 Likebook Mars E-Reader

Likebook Mars is the next product we add to our top review list. It has 7.8’’ Carta touch screen which is large and easy for reading. Its touchscreen feature is very smooth and the image loads at a very fast speed since it features an 8Core processor. Coupled with its 1.5GHz processor, you can smoothly turn from one page to another.

This ebook reader allows you to customize the brightness. It comes with warm and cold light which you can choose the level that is good for your eyesight. This product is not only designed for sole reading. But it also enables music playing via Google Play and its built in audio system.

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2. Amazon

Certified Refurbished Kindle

Product #2 is a reliable eBook reader from Amazon. It comes with 2 color choices which include black and white. The product features 6 inches screen which is large and enable easy reading. It also displays images in a high resolution of 300 ppi. This device also arrives with a built in lighting system which you can adjust from dim to light.

This item also provides a good font type which looks alike to paperback book. This way, it reduces eye strain and soreness. Furthermore, it also has a WiFi connection feature which you can connect and get access to different applications for e-book downloading.

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1. Amazon

All-new Kindle Oasis

Coming to the last product, we have this one from Amazon and is known as All-new Kindle Oasis. This item comes with adjustable warm light which makes it easy for users to adjust from dim to light brightness to fit your eyes condition. It comes with a 7 inch large screen that provides s 300 ppi high resolution viewing.

At the same time, it offers a paperwhite reading experience which is similar to reading paperback book. Because it has an IPX8 waterproof system, you can as well read it in the bath or nearby the pool.

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Buying Guide of eBook Readers

Size & Weight: For some people size and weight really matters. That is why you need to consider the size and weight of the eBook reader you are about to get. You may pack it inside your bag, or your backpack and carry it along the way with you. Thus, choosing the one that is as lightweight as possible is a great thing you can do.

Brightness Adjustment: Brightness adjustment is another point to take into account. Normally, different people have different eye condition. Some are very sensitive to light while some cannot stand with dim light. If the product comes with warm to cold brightness adjustment, it is easy for users to find the right level of brightness to fit their eyes.

Compatibility: Look whether the eBook reader you are planning to get is compatible with a lot of applications and devices. All of the products we suggest above can be used in different formats including DOC, PDF, ePub, MOBI, and others. In addition, they can also be connected to different devices and applications with their WiFi connection.


If you are a bookworm, you can save a lot of money and storage by considering using eBook reader. With any of all the eBook readers we recommend, they provide a new reading experience that is just like when you read on paperwhite book. Aside from that, some of them even offer free access to millions of books that you might need. Grab them now before the opportunity is gone forever!