As a professional photographer, a drone must not be left out from the tools collection for photograph. Even if you are not yet professional, we believe that you also admire the magnificent scenic view which is captured by a drone. With a drone with HD camera, you can significantly enhance the quality of the view and capture in a more unique angle. Therefore, do not let your hesitation to go further.

In this article, you will find out about the top ten best drone with camera reviews of their main features and functions. Also, at the end of the article, there is also a little buying guide section which will guide you through the criteria that determines the best drone.

List Of Top 10 Best Drones with HD Camera in 2020

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10. Quadcoper Drone with Camera

Quadcopter Drone with Camera

If you are a beginner to the field, you should really consider the drone from Quadcoper. The reason is that the operation can be learned within minutes. Controllers can take control of the drone with their phone. Even if it crashes, users can repair it on their own with the replacement kit provided in the box.

If you have used the drone before, you may be familiar with the problem of running out of the battery halfway. However, this drone comes with a 3.7V 1100mAh battery which enables users to work with it up to 30 minutes without interruption, while comparing to other brand with only 6-8 minutes of flight time.

The drove is made of premium materials. It can maximize its performance on high altitudes, and users can control it within 100 meters. The drone comes with wifi FPV camera which offers high definition for both photos and videos.

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9. Ruko 60Mins GPS Drones

 60Mins GPS Drones

The drone from Ruko is a drone with camera and GPS. The package includes 2 pieces of battery, and each piece can support up to 30 minutes of flight time. Therefore, you can enjoy the drone operation up to 1 hour.

It comes with great GPS signal, which is 50% to 200% further in the control distance. With this strong GPS system, the drone can capture better pictures with higher definition. Moreover, the camera offers 4K HD for pictures and 1080 for video streaming. It also features 120 degrees FOV lens with 90 degrees adjustable angles.

Last but not least, it is equipped with various functions for beginners to start the journey with drone. These include auto return, headless mode and FPV. It is also supported by dual-band wifi router, which is 2.4G and 5G. In 30 days, if there are any problems with the product, users can return it back, and within 90 days, its quality is guaranteed with the warranty.

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8. Potensic Drone with 1080P

Drone with 1080P HD

The drone from Potensic is powered by advanced technology. It features Follow Me mode to allow piloting controls and Fly-by-Trajectory system. It enables the experience to be smoother and smarter than any others. Moreover, it comes with dual GPS to make the position more accurate. It is also operated with Return-to-Home system which means it automatically returns if the battery is running low.

The camera is able to capture high quality 1080P pictures and videos. It also includes 9-axis mechanical gimbal. With this features, 16GB or 32GB SD card is needed, but it is not included in the package. Users can connect the drone with their smartphone using the Potensic-G app to share the videos and picture straightforward onto social media, such as YouTube.

The package also includes 2 changeable batteries for users to maximize the operation time. Last but not least, it is guaranteed with 1 year warranty.

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7. Holy Stone HS720

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable

The drone is operated with strong GPS signal. With the GPS assistance, it will not get lost easily. Whenever there is a low signal for the battery, users can simply press a button for the return of the drone. It is equipped with 2K FHD camera which is able to capture 2048 x 1152P pictures and videos. It features 5GHz FPV for transmission and lens with 90 degrees for angle adjustments.

To satisfy consumer’s demand, the battery has been upgraded with a longer operation time. The upgraded battery can support up to 26 minutes of flight time. Also, the motor comes with less power consumption and more silent operation. It is equipped with sensors to guarantee the stability and reliability. There are clear buttons and signals for users to operate, even beginners.

The control range maximizes the area up to 3000 feet. Last but not least, the added features include GPS and battery shown with the LED screen and right hand mode for left-handers.

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6. Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Potensic T25 GPS

The T25 GPS drone from Potensic is designed ideally for quality and durability. It comes with carry case made of aluminum to appear in stylish silver color. If you are a beginner, the functions for you include headless and altitude mode as well as take-off and landing function. The camera provides high quality picture with up to 1080P HD definition. It features 120 degrees FOV and 75 degrees for adjustable angles to shoot the best video.

To ensure the safety of the flight, the drone is equipped with two GPS with +9/-9 axis space. When it runs out of battery or gets lost in the air, it will return back to the place that it left. It also comes with Follow Me Mode to enable users to let it fly on its own. Last but not least, its battery is at 1000mAh and allows up to 300 meters of control range.

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5. Holy Stone HS370

Holy Stone HS370

The drone can be operated with smartphone by simply moving the phone up and down. Also, users can command it with words, such as take off. It features tap fly mode, which allows the drone to follow the way users draw on their phone. The drone comes with 720P camera with the adjustable lens up to 60 degrees.

The drone can function steadily with the altitude users have set for it. Moreover, users can let the drone fly back with simply a button pressed. It also includes an emergency stop to protect the drone from any types of sudden shocks or accidents. The drone is suitable for all types of users, including children, adults, beginners and professionals.

The package includes 2 batteries for exchange. Each one can be used for the maximum of 24 minutes, and therefore, the 2 together can support up to 48 minutes of flight time.

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4. DeXop SG900 Rc Drone

DeXop SG900 Rc

First of all, the operation requires users to place their hands at the bottom part of the drone. This enables the camera to work with the light stream algorithm to make the calculation for the displacement of the images. Therefore, it will provide the position of the drone. Lastly, users can operate with the smartphone, and the drone will follow the designed flight.

The drone is equipped with 2MP HD wifi cameras, enabling users to take photos from great angles, including taking Selfies. The camera offers high definition of both images and video captured. The features of the drone include the speed control, 360 degrees roll and automatic power off system. It also includes 3D flip system to perform a cool flight for users to enjoy the feast of vision.

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3. EACHINE Drone with 4K Camera

Drone with 4K Camera

The drone comes with high quality camera up to 4K HD definitions. Its angle can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, and the angle for view can be adjusted to 120 degrees. The drone is equipped with Follow Me Mode, and therefore, it follows whenever the users move and capture the most beautiful moments.

The drone also features upgrade battery which can support the flight time at the maximum of 17 minutes with 1200mAh power. The drone is designed for users at all ages, including kids, teenagers and adults. It also features new functions, such as emergency stop, only one key for landing, low battery reminder and LED lights.

Last but not least, the control is easy, and therefore, even little kids, including boys and girls can control it with the greatest excitement. Therefore, it is the best gifts suitable for all types of occasions.

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2. SANROCK X105W Drones

SANROCK X105W Drones

The drone is equipped with 720P high definition camera with a table to anti-shake. It is really beneficial especially in the video recording time. It provides smooth and steady moments for the pleasure of the viewers. The drone can operate its flight with several modes, including the headless mode and one key for landing. The speed varies in 3 settings: high, medium and low. It can also flip with 360 degrees.

The drone is designed with upgraded flying time. The capacity of the battery is up to 1500mAh, and it can last up to 17 minutes. Users can stand at the maximum distance at 100 meters to control the flight and operate it with own preferences.

Users can control the drone with their smartphones also. Simply with an app and multiple functions, users can become the controller of the drone which is known as the mini airplane mode. Also, with wifi connections, users can view the video in the phone while the drone is still flying in the upper sky.

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1. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone

 Holy Stone HS120D

Being the best drone with HD camera among the top ten list, it is highly praised and recommended by its customers as well as followers. It receives a high ratings at 4.6 out of 5 stars. The drone comes with a backpack to carry, which enables users to bring it with them wherever they go with convenience.

The drone is equipped with HD camera at 1080P definition. The high definition allows users to get great pictures just like the real view. Users can save the images directly to their smartphones or the SD card. It also features GPD assistance to help the drone to return back in case it has gotten lost in the upper sky during low battery and low signal moment.

The drone is equipped with follow me system to follow you through the planned path. The 2 batteries together allow users to enjoy the surprising flying experience up to 36 minutes. The drone is ultra-lightweight, at only 250g, but it captures great moment to last forever.

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Buying Guide

Because the drone is a product equipped with advanced technology, not all the drones in the market are made equally in terms of its quality and durability. Therefore, users need to be careful while looking forward to purchasing the best product. Before making the purchase, buyers should carefully look for the following features

HD Camera: the most important part of this drone is the camera which is responsible for capturing the moment. Therefore, it should provide high definition images up to 720P, 1080P or 4K. Moreover, the video recording also needs high definition.

Battery: to prevent the video recording moment to stop halfway, the battery should maximize the flight time to more than 15 minutes. 30-minute is the best length it can provide.

GPS: the drone equipped with GPS system allows it to follow the path properly and return back to the original place if the battery or signal is low.

Wi-Fi: it allows users to see the video recording on their smartphones even if the drone is still up in the sky.

Distance: the maximum distance between the drone and the controller should be at least 100 meters.


Have you found your desired drone and made up your mind yet? If so, do not hesitate until it is too late. To sum up, the article has demonstrated the main features of the top ten best drones with HD camera according to the research conducted by our team. We strongly recommend for the greatest drone with the best quality because it is not only professional but also it is able to satisfy your demand for the dream in the photography field.