Pet owners shall get dog poop bag collections because each dog poop bag is more functional than a traditional plastic bag to collect wastes from your dogs. While there are various types of products with different qualities, here are the top ten best dog poop bags in 2020 with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Dog Poop Bags in 2020

10 EZ 1000Pet

EZ 1000 Pet Waste Disposal

EZ 1000Pet dog poop bag is offered, by the manufacturer, with 1000 bags inside one single dispensing box. EZ 1000Pet dog poop bag itself is extra-long with a depth of 13 inches. EZ 1000Pet ‘s size let dog owners collect beloved dogs’ poop once with only a single bag. Besides, each poop bag is extra-thick and leak-proofed as well.

While EZ 1000Pet comes in a green color, the dog poop bag has no scent itself and is not going to let poops of your dogs’ smell outside EZ 1000Pet itself. In the same dispensing box, the manufacturer has carefully thought about environment with only one roll for all the 1000 bags. As a result, there are fewer wastes with EZ 1000Pet. Lastly, only EZ 1000Pet dispensing box is able to store the product’s bags.

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9. ShoppingLion

 ShoppingLion Poop

ShoppingLion is offered, by the manufacturer, with three packages such as single dispenser with 20 bags, single dispenser with 720 bags as well as single dispenser with 1040 bags. ShoppingLion bag is tough which could easily get tear-down. The quality is because of EPI piece of technology coming along ShoppingLion dog poop bag.

ShoppingLion dog poop bag is not recommended for only dogs but also cats. ShoppingLion dog poop bag could serve as a bag for dirty diapers as well. Besides, ShoppingLion dog poop bag is fairly huge which owners of many cats and dogs are able to collect poop and tie a knot with the pet poop bag conveniently. The dog poop bag comes with a dispensing box of colorful style while it is made of plastic.

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MESS-FREE Dog Poop Bag

MESS-FREE comes with 405 bags and two bag holders for each package. MESS-FREE dog poop bag is waterproofed while the product itself could serve as a poop bag for both small and large dogs. In addition, the dog poop bag is made of durable, thick and eco-friendly material. Furthermore, using the dog poop bag to collect your dog poop is not going to let you sense any smells or feel the warmth from poop. Besides, with a pinch & pull, dog owners could easily dispense the poop bags for usages easily. While the whole package comes in a navy-blue color, the dispensing box is offered, by the manufacturer, in a bone shape as a customization for your beloved dogs.

Lastly, the manufacturer has promised a full refund policy for any dissatisfaction.

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7. Original

Originalpetbags Easy

Original had been designed, by the manufacturer, as a classic dog poop bag with black color and a conventional dispensing paper box. Original dog poop bag comes with two different bag counts such as the 200 bags package and the 400 bags package. In fact, there come choices of colors for customers as well. Those colors are such as blue, green, pink, black (as mentioned), purple and red. Nevertheless, different choices of colors do not change the conventional look of Original dog poop bag, like a conventional plastic bag. Original dog poop bag comes with the 14-inch length which is fairly long to collect a large amount of waste. The dog poop bag comes with thickness in a range between 15 and 16 microns. Lastly, the bag’s texture is embossed, so dog owners could easily open the bag.

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6. Downtown

Downtown Pet Supply Dog

Downtown dog poop bag comes with different choices of colors and different bag counts. Offered by the manufacturer, there are four choices of bag counts including the 520 bags, 740 bags, 1000 bags and 2200 bags. Alongside, there are eight colors to choose from including Rainbow Paws, black, blue, Pastel Rainbow, pink, purple, Rainbow and black paws. Dog owners, who get the 1000 bag counts and above, could receive two free dispensing boxes from the vendor. Those dispensing boxes are designed in a bone shape with blue color. For an easy separation between bags, each dog poop bag had been designed with perforation marking. Downtown bag is able to hold waste in a maximum weight of 10 lbs.

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 PET N PET Earth-Friendly

PET N PET dog poop bag is offered, by the manufacturer, with only one color and one choice of bag counts. There is only a package of green-colored 1080 PET N PET dog poop bags. PET N PET dog poop bag’s length comes in 13 inches, roomy enough to collect waste, tie as well as carry. Besides, PET N PET is unscented along with a durable quality. Each roll had been designed, by the manufacturer, with an inside paper tube, so the roll could be fitted to the dispensing box. Alongside, there is a sticker at the mouth of each bag; thus, dog owners could conveniently open the mouth of each bag’s. Lastly, PET N PET dog poop bag is heavy-duty and not going to leak.

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4. Gorilla

 Gorilla Supply Dog

Gorilla dog poop bag comes with three different colors such as blue, black and green. The product design is conventional. The dog poop bag is exactly like an ordinary plastic bag. Because of EPI piece of technology, Gorilla dog poop bag is durable and strong, like all the previously mentioned dog poop bags. Besides, each package comes with 1000 dog poop bag counts while a dispensing box is included in the collection too. Gorilla has a 12-inch length which is of similar range with all the previously mentioned dog poop bags. On the other hand, Gorilla is BPA-free and waterproofed. The dispensing box included in the package has a white-colored design.

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3. Yingdelai

Yingdelai 540 Counts Dog

Yingdelai dog poop bag comes as a collection of two different colors such as green and blue. Moreover, each collection is offered with 540 dog poop bags. Even though, Yingdelai dog poop bag looks exactly like an ordinary plastic bag; the dog poop bag is eco-friendly with its non-normal plastic material easily get broken down in nature. In addition, Yingdelai  is waterproofed and durable in nature. The dog poop bag itself is not going to let any bad smell leave outside the container. Each Yingdelai dog poop bag is fairly huge which is good to collect more poops and tie up. Yingdelai pet poop bag is easy to use because the bag could be detached from the roll at ease. Besides, dog owners could open each bag with convenience. Lastly, each Yingdelai collection is an easy feat to collect wastes from two dogs for a period of nine months.

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Pogi's Poop Bags

POGI dog poop bag comes with two bag counts including the 300 bag counts and 900 bag counts while POGI bag collections include the scented bag collection and unscented bag collection. The dog poop bag’s design is unique from all the aforementioned dog poop bags because POGI had been designed with two handles. POGI bag retains the basic quality of a dog poop bag’s with fairly large size to collect a lot of poop in one bag. The dog poop bag is also thick. Pet owners are recommended to take the unscented dog poop bag because the choice features the fresh-powder scent that locks bad odors. Environmental friendliness is a criteria in the product’s design, like some mentioned dog poop bags. POGI’s packaging and cardboard cores are made of recycled materials. Each POGI collection is able to last more than 4 months.

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1. Earth

 Earth Rated Dog Poop

Earth dog poop bag features picture of a bunny on each bag tag while a dispensing box is made of paper material and comes with bunny pictures too. There are three choices for Earth dog poop bag counts including the 100 counts, 300 counts and 600 counts. There are also two choices of scents such as Lavender scent and no scent.

Earth dog poop bag is leak-proofed and waterproofed. Each roll comes with 600 bag counts. Like POGI, pet owners are recommended to use the Lavender-scented collection because not only does Earth dog poop bag block bad odors, Lavender-like scent also does come from Earth dog poop bag. Earth itself is made of recycled materials which are great for environment. With a user-friendly quality, dog owners could grab each box from the dispensing box like each piece of tissue.

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Buying Guide

Materials: Dog owners should only get the dog poop bag collection whose bags are made of excellent and durable materials. Moreover, we encourage you to take the bag collection with bags made of recycled materials as a way to rescue our environment by reusing old materials.

No Scent: Although, each dog poop bag is used only once to collect dog wastes; unscented dog poop bag is healthy for you.

Sizes: Sizes matter, so it is recommended pet owners look in a great detail size of each brand’s. In this review, we only offer the dog poop bag brands with acceptable sizes. Nonetheless, sizes are still matters if you have many dogs and cats.

Bag Counts: Dog and cat owners should have expected different bag counts came with different deals. If pet owners use the pet poop bag for the first time, we recommend you take the small counts so that you could take some experiments.


Getting a dog poop bag collection is helpful. With dog poop bags, collecting your dogs’ wastes come at ease. We recommend you take into account qualities we mentioned in the buying guide.