A digital level is beneficial for construction projects whether it is small or huge projects. A level helps us to measure precisely that keeps everything in check. While it is often expected engineers or family people use a level to measure for their construction projects, a digital level is even more helpful. It reads precise degrees of your plans, on one hand.

On the other hand, it alerts us whenever the plan is going off, and the measurement standard we set is not yet precise. As a result, there is no doubt a digital level is beneficial to every construction workers or people who have their passion projects. Here, we would like to introduce you to digital level review in 2020 with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Digital Levels in 2020 + BG

10. Stabila

 Stabila 36514 14-Inch

Stabila is a helpful digital level. There are some reasons for its helpfulness. We all can read precise degrees even when it is upside down. So, there is no worry it’s hard for us to flip over. Furthermore, the digital display is lighted. That’s beneficial because we all can see and read info even when the sunlight is very shinny. It is unknown whether other products have this quality.

Additionally, all users can read info in two different ways. We all can read whether it is an inch standard or a metric standard. What’s more, we can read display data on hold as well. That means we can pause the reading on hold so that we will not need to remember the info.

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9. Skil

 SKIL 12 Digital Level

We all like Skil because we can read it and level for measurement both horizontally and vertically. As expected in a digital level, it gives us precise info, on one hand. Besides, the LCD screen itself is backlit. Therefore, we all read data either from a far or close distance. You can read the data from a variety of perspectives as well.

Skil adjusting new data every time you hold it different ways is a thing. Another thing is that it gives you an alert anytime you level in 0 degree, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Plus, you can use it single-handedly. Lastly, the info comes in two styles at the same time. That includes inches on one side and centimeter on another side.

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8. Justech

 Justech Digital Angle Gauge

You will find favorite in Justech because you can read info even at nighttime. Moreover, we don’t need to worry when we don’t know the battery is running low. It’s because there will be a low indication of battery as you will read it instantly. Additionally, it runs on two pieces of AAA batteries. The product saves batteries power because it will turn off automatically while not being in an operation.

Furthermore, you can freeze readouts. You thus don’t need to remember anything. There are some other buttons such as the one for determining relative angles. Lastly, it weights only 0.35 that is a very lightweight amount.

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7. Leyutuee

10-Inch Digital Torpedo

Leyutuee itself is a heavy-duty digital level. It is constructed with an aluminum frame. There are end cups made with rubber as well. Furthermore, the product is splash-resistant. No one needs to worry it is going to get damages. As often expected in construction sites, there will always be splashes and water here and there. We all will read relative angle with Leyutee as functional with a modern digital level like it.

What’s more, there is a base in V-shape that can easily attach to surfaces for relative measurements. You will attach it to metal fabrication, steel framing, pipe, conduit and more. Lastly, it weighs 1.2 pounds that is a bit heavy but worthy to have. All in all, it is splash-resistant and heavy-duty for years of uses.

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6. Wixey

Wixey WR300 Type 2

Wixey uses only one piece of AAA batteries. That’s a thing about Wixey that we don’t need to constantly replace many packs of batteries. Furthermore, it can measure -180 degrees and +180 degrees. That’s helpful for all of us who want to measure precisely and flexibly.

Reading relative measurement is one thing. Reading a measurement to a zero degree is yet another thing as there is a button for this function. Another and last button is a turn on/off button that we all can start the digital level instantly. The product weighs less than 0.2 pound that is superb compact and lightweight. You will see it by yourself once you find favorite with it.

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5. M-D

M-D Building Products

M-D has patented sensor tech that can read precisely info. In addition, we can measure for standards in both inches and feet. As you will see with the product, it is going to beep whenever it meets a desirable degree with it as you set for particular angles.

M-D runs on a piece of 9V battery that is also a part of the package. The battery is enough for the machine to run for 500 hours before the next replacement. Lastly, the product itself is well-known because the company that is offering it has no less than two decades of experience in the industry.

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4. Shefio

24-Inch Professional Digital

What’s special about Shefio is that the product is rated with IP54. That it is waterproofed and dustproofed. The rating also tells the product is durable for us to use for years. Moreover, the LCD display for reading the measurements is large, so someone out there who works alongside you but at a far distance can also read it well.

What’s more, there is an indicator for a low battery. As a result, you can know the battery status too well. The product has a one-year warranty. That saves you a lot if you are still not sure about your favorite products. The warranty also means you can seek for refunds rather than replacements when there are production failures or damages.

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3. Klein Tools

 Klein Tools 935DAG

You will measure and set angles as precise as you wish with Klein Tools. Moreover, we all can check a relative angle with it as well. Furthermore, the magnetic base let all of people in the projects to attach to ducts, vents, saw blades, pipes and more so as to measure precise degree you expect in each piece of your construction or passion projects.

The LCD display is huge. It’s very easy to read those detailed pieces of info. The product is rated IP42 that makes it dust-resistant and splash-resistant. These are good qualities because construction sites always have these dusts and water. As a result, it is highly expected you got them on the digital level.

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2. Shefio 2

24-Inch Professional Digital

Shefio 2 can save your money when you are uncertain whether it is very beneficial for you, or you don’t fully trust the company yet. We really understand this matter. The company also does understand this matter. That’s why there is a one-year warranty that all of us can apply for refunds of the product. We can apply for product replacements, nevertheless.

The LCD display is big and bright. Thus, it’s very easy to read. Moreover, there is a tool box that we can store the digital level too.

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 GemRed 82413 Digital

GemRed is an excellent digital level. It has level sensor that gives you precise measurement details, on one hand. On the other hand, there is a backlight. It is thus not much difficult to read. It is, in fact, easy to read info. Moreover, you can set up desired degrees. The machine will work out itself to tell us whether we are on point.

Besides, a low indicator of battery is coming along. It needs two pieces of AAA batteries, yet the battesries can last for 100 hours. GemRed is rated with IP65. That means the product is dustproofed and splash-proofed. All in all, it is a heavy-duty and modern digital level.

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Buying Guide

IP Rating: There are different types of IP ratings such as IP65, IP54 and IP42. These IP ratings are varied very little from one to another, but they certify those digital levels are dustproofed and splash-proofed. Therefore, we don’t need to take much care for the product itself.

Backlit Light: Backlit Light is a helpful thing because it helps you to read info of measurement easily. The display screen should be huge. Furthermore, you should read info from varied perspectives because working for construction and/or passion projects needs to be flexible. We all don’t always stay at the exact place to read the machine precisely rather than choosing the digital levels that are adapting to us instead.


Traditional level can help you to see the degrees, angles and measurements. If you apply cautions, it can read precisely the measurements and relative angles. Nonetheless, it is energy-consuming to be cautious. Having a digital level is easy because all it takes is to attach the machine to particular angle for a relative measurement. A good digital level has IP rating and backlit light indicator. Furthermore, its batteries are long-lasting. Lastly, the product is heavy-duty and shock-absorbent. These qualities make an excellent digital level. Please also note some digital levels are digital levels with laser as well