For the purpose of advertisement, capturing the best possible photo of your product is very crucial to attract the customers. This is resourceful information mostly applicable to online businesses, the product that you will display on your page or website is the most important factor to boost your sales. The product photo will be the first thing to reach your customer before the actual product, and eventually it will determine the customer buying decision.

No matter how good quality your product is, it will be just a waste if its photo does not represent the quality that it has.

Now, you are probably yearning to know how to make your product advertisement photos come out professional and complimenting. So many accessories were invented in order to support photography and that’s is the perk of this digital age. One of the accessories that help in enhancing product photo quality is a countertop photo lightbox. In case you are trying your hand on a photo lightbox for the first time, we are here to help you in eliminating some bad options from your list. Below are the top 10 best countertop photo lightboxes that are essential for your successful business and smart personal use.

List Of Top 10 Best Countertop Photo Lightbox in 2020

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10. Deewin countertop photo lightbox

 Deewin Photo Studio Light Box

The first item on the list is the product of Deewin. This waterproof, oxford fabric cover LED lightbox has a size of 24 x 24 inch, if we look inside it is covered by reflective material that allows even light distribution to the closest detail of the product from all angles which make it an ideal countertop photo lightbox for jewelry. In addition, you can choose from the three different backdrop colors available including black, white and gold in order to create a matching effect to suit the purpose of your product photography. To play around with the light effect, you can also adjust the brightness from 10% up to 100%, so you can capture the best quality photo with your cameras and even smartphones.

Taking a further look, this square box has removable walls in order to create a window from the middle, front and the top which allow you to capture from any of its angles. Installation process is quite simple, you only have to connect the frame tubes of this lightbox with its convenient corner pieces which will be attached in its package. Beside the tubes and corner joints the package also comes with other necessary accessories such as backgrounds, LED lighting, brightness dimmer, diffuser cloth and one power adapter.

Key features:

  • countertop photo lightbox for jewelry
  • three different backdrop colors available
  • simple installation process using convenient corner pieces

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9. Neewer countertop photo lightbox

 Neewer Photo Studio Light

Next, we have this shooting tent from Neewer. From the outside, this tent has smooth and durable waterproof coating which is easy for your cleaning purposes. On the inside it has reflective silver surfaces that allow the light to spread evenly on the object you are capturing in order to avoid losing the valuable details in your photos. You can create windows from each wall making multi-shooting angles. Moreover, you have a wide range of background options to select from its four colors anti-reflection diffuser cloth which enable you to create various studio scenes. This reason makes this countertop photo lightbox the best buy among its competitors.

Another thing is, you can always play around with the brightness as it has each band attached with 30 LED beads and 4 lighting bands. There is a knob where you can easily rotate in order to dim or increase the brightness up to 5500K color temp to suit your needs. Besides that, its high CRI and 21100 lumens will also contribute in enhancing the quality of your photo. Setting up has never been easier with this portable shooting booth as it will install itself without other accessories needed. Once you are done with using this mobile shooting booth, fold it into its own storage bag where you can also put its adapter and other attached accessories that come with the package inside.

Key features:

  • countertop photo lightbox best buy
  • easy rotatable knob for brightness adjustment
  • mobile shooting booth that act as its own storage bag

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8. FOSITAN countertop photo lightbox

 FOSITAN Photo Box

We have spotted another great photo lightbox, and it is from FOSITAN. It has a medium size of 24 inches and 60cm in height which make it a great lighting aid to support shooting of 45cm x 45cm size objects. The service life of each light bead can reach up to 50,000 hours. To help you separate your product from the messy and unwanted backgrounds, this product will come in handy for many reasons.

The inner material is made of reflective fabric that works perfectly with the 126 LED beads in granting sufficient access to light to come through the object you are shooting evenly. For this reason, it can produce 3 times better lighting performance than a regular shooting booth and best in enhancing the accuracy of the color. You can also capture your object from different angles both horizontally and vertically through the shooting windows. Whichever scene you prefer, it has 6 colors PVC backdrop boards to accommodate all your shooting requirements. Although it is applicable for phone camera shooting, the manufacturer recommended shooting with a DSLR to receive the best quality of the picture. For convenience storage, it was designed in a traditional skeleton style with a clip-type structure that is not only easy to store but also to install.

Key features:

  • light beads with long service life up to 50,000 hours
  • can produce 3 times better brightening effect to the object
  • best for enhancing the accuracy of the object’s color

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7. AmazonBasics countertop photo lightbox

 AmazonBasics Portable

Take your product advertise shooting experience to another level with this studio box from AmazonBasics. This collapsible photo booth has a size of 25 x 30 x 25 inches which is suitable to accommodate various sizes of product shooting. It has a flashing white backdrop that allows you to capture high definition photos. Lined with the fabric, are the LED lights which are located where it allows excellent contrast to the object. On top of that, you can set your white balance to optimize for daylight 5600k and the high color rendering ability to make the color consistent with the environment.

It has three doors that allow you to capture the object from all angles including from the top. What’s even better, this lightbox does not require complicated set-up, after use you only need to collapse it into a portable case with an attached strap that allows you to carry it effortlessly. Do not worry if you encounter any issue after purchase as you will be backed by a 1-year warranty from AmazonBasics.

Key features:

  • setting can be optimized for daylight 5600k
  • easily collapse in order to create a carrying case

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6. Foldio photo lightbox

Foldio3 + Halo Bars

Now, we present you a very classic photo box from the latest invention of Foldio. It has a very lavish design that allows you to use it by just folding the magnetic tent up. Inside, you will see triple LED diffuser cloth attached to the top of the booth. This way, it enables the light to eliminate the shadows of the objects more effectively compared to other lightning tools including the older versions of Foldio. Adding to that, it also has a bar of LED light attached to the side and the bottom of the photo lightbox in order to enhance the lighting effect for the photos.

Aside from what mentioned, it comes with high-quality black and white velcros backdrops that you can choose whichever to accommodate your shooting needs. The black backdrop will be an advantage when you want to cancel out the reflection to the background to achieve precise black color. Even better, its package includes a remote control that allows you to monitor the dimness and adjust the light very smoothly.

Key features:

  • black and white easy-to-set-up velcros backdrops
  • great in eliminating the object’s shadow
  • separate remote control for easy monitoring of brightness

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5. PULUZ mini photoshoot studio

PULUZ Photo Studio Super

PULUZ introduces you to another reasonably priced countertop photo lightbox. This photo studio is equipped with dual boards, each has 60 LED beads which give complimenting light effects to the reflective inner walls up to 3380LM 5500K and produce lower heat than other lighting devices. On top of that, it has 6 colors backgrounds such as green, red, blue, orange, white and black which give room for you to produce good pictures even for various color objects.

Whichever position you want your photo captured, this photo box can accommodate exactly any angle you wish to have it captured. In order to do so, you can open the side windows to take portrait pictures and use the top window to capture it horizontally. In addition, the installation process of this lightbox requires no screws, joints, or other complicated accessories which make it apparently a piece of cake to set up.

Key features:

  • attached with light beads that produce lower heat
  • multi colors backdrop that can accommodate various color objects
  • can be installed without complicated accessories

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4. ESDDI countertop photo studio

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

To be a great photographer and still stay on a budget is possible with this photo lightbox from ESDDI. In terms of lighting capability, it is geared with 120 adjustable LED beads and 5500K, expert in cutting down the distortion which make it a great partner for your online business. Along with that, you can adjust the brightness by the knob attached to its structure and you set different scenes by using the 4 colors PVC backdrops. The light plate is made of durable aluminum that can help to reduce the heat and guarantees an extended useful life.

With this shooting booth, you can choose any angle you prefer to shoot your photo from. For assembling, you only need to unpack and build it into a cube shape then your photo box is ready to be used. You will also find other accessories such as the power adapter, diffuser cloth, PVC backdrop that comes with the package very useful for your profession.

Key features:

  • expert in cutting down the distortion
  • ready to use upon building into a cube shape

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3. Heorryn portable photo studio

Professional Photo Light Box

Moving on to the next photo lightbox from Heorryn. Talking about light performance, this lightbox has 270 LED lamps that can produce 4 times greater brightening effect than other regular photo boxes. In addition, it has a high CRI that allows more flexibility when shooting photos. It also comes with non-slip firm backdrops that are also resistant to water and wrinkles.

Your shooting requirements will be fulfilled by its multiple angles options that allow you to take pictures from any angle you wish to. The quality of the picture will come out great with the help of silver reflective fabric that makes way for even distribution of light on the object.

This photo lightbox is also very convenient for your business travelling purposes as it is folded then carried like a bag and you can also store it just anywhere. Its package comes with a wide range of accessories such as power cord, adapter, and the manual book. In case you encounter issues after buying this product, it should not concern you as the company provides up to 2 years of after-sale maintenance free of charge.

Key features:

  • produce 4 times greater brightening effect
  • 2 years after-sale maintenance service

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2. HAVOX photo studio box

HAVOX - Photo Studio

When it comes to great lightning devices, neon or fluorescent can never beat this lightbox. For this countertop photo lightbox from HAVOX, it has a very excellent quality LED lights up to 60 beads which are necessary to produce clear and dynamic pictures. It can create a 5500K light’s appearance that will glow blueish shade to your object. Aside from that, it has 93+ CRI and the light that emitted by its lamps can reach up to 13,000 lumens. This premium quality makes this lightbox the most suitable lightbox for a professional and reliable product advertisement.

For different angle shooting, you can choose any angle you desire then capture through its openings. If you are worried that the reflection will affect the quality of the object picture, this is where the diffuser cloth will do its job of defeating the reflection and allow even light distribution to the object. Inside its package also comes with 3 particular plastic backdrop shades for you to choose from. For best commercial photo shooting, you will never regret choosing this lightbox.

Key features:

  • LED lights that help to produce clear and dynamic pictures
  • Highly recommended for best commercial photo shooting

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1. SAMTIAN professional photo lightbox

Photo Box, SAMTIAN Photo

Last but not least, we have this shooting tent from SAMTIAN. Considering the efficiency, this light tent has a long service life up to 50,000 hours before it needs a replacement. Plus, It has a set of 126 light beads effects which can perform up to 5,500K of appearance with its high CRI. Dimming function allows you to adjust the dimness within a range of 10% – 100%, it can produce the best photo quality whether you capture using your handphone or camera.

Same as other lightbox, its interior walls are made from reflective fabric which makes the light touch your product evenly. You can also make use of the 4 colors shooting backdrop effectively. The structure is designed with zippers on the corners, so you can zip it into a square box then unzip and fold it for later use. If you have problems with setting up and the manual is not a great help, you can also call to ask for information from the company.

Key features:

  • Can be zipped it into a square box then unzip and fold it for later use
  • 2 years of free maintenance and customer services

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Buying Guide

  • Light effect: a good advertisement photo requires sufficient lighting, it is important to check in advance the capability of the light, how much it can perform in producing a clear and high definition photo.
  • Various backdrop colors and type: the more backdrop color the more types of scenes you can capture from your countertop photo lightbox, but make sure to test whether the backdrop is resistant to water and wrinkles.
  • Easy installation: portability and easy-to-install lightbox will be a great help to your business as it is not time consuming and complicated, especially getting a lightbox that does not require accessories to install means you can eliminate the risk of losing the important accessories part that will disrupt your operation.


No matter how expensive your camera is. It cannot simply turn your product advertising photo into something that people would buy. A good product photoshoot does not only rely on a good camera alone. It needs professional photo lightbox help. We hope our reviews above of the best photo lightboxes would help your business or career.