Columbia is a well-reputed brand for men fashion especially in the jacket industry. Columbia jackets protect all gentlemen from chill. Furthermore, you look more handsome with them. There are many styles and designs with all Columbia jackets, but now we are introducing you to only the top 10 Columbia jackets for all gentlemen who are reading this article. Please do not forget to take into your considerations the Columbia jacket guide as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Columbia Jackets for Men in 2020

10. Voodoo

Columbia Voodoo Falls

Men like Voodoo Columbia jacket because it is constructed with top-graded nylon 100% that makes the product heat-reflective. Furthermore, there is down insulation that protects you from winter chill. It has a zipper closure, so it is fast to wear with Voodoo. Additionally, it is special with design because the cuffs are binding that is good for men who like this type of fashion. You can choose one of the two color choices such as Collegiate Navy and Black color for it.

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9. Ascender

Columbia Men's Ascender

You will like Ascender because it is both simple and elegant at the same time. It is made with 100% fiber that makes you feel warm while wearing it. It is safe with washing machine. The jacket keeps you warm and comfortable; although, it is a windy season because it is wind-resistant. More special, there is a chest pocket with zipper so that we all get both styles and a pocket to keep a note or keychain. Cuffs are adjustable. You thus do not need to think twice about the size of jacket just to make sure it is acceptable. We can choose one of five different colors from a black to olive green color for it.

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8. Glennaker

Columbia Men's Glennaker

Users can wear Glennaker with its open neck. There is a zipper, so you can close the neck to protect their bodies from the winter chill. Furthermore, it is made with fabric that makes you both breathable and comfortable. While it is not recommended to be worn in a winter season, you should not feel hot and stuffy while wearing in spring or windy season. Men can wear Gelnnaker for their camping trip or just casual party in the winter season.

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7. Softshell

Columbia Men's Ascender

All gentlemen like softshell because the Columbia jacket is made with supple and rich soft-shell that gives you comfort and sense of stability while you are wearing it. It is a fairly heavy jacket for gentlemen. Softshell is weather-resistant, that means it resists against different types of weathers. We should wear it in winter or spring season, nonetheless. Furthermore, the jacket is not good for strong snow storms, so you’d better prepare for thicker jacket. Because of the featured zipper, we all can have room to breathe and close it up against winter chill.

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6. Turbo

Columbia Men’s Voodoo

You should not have a worry whether Turbo Columbia jacket is safe with a washing machine or not because it is.

Furthermore, it is very good for strong winter season because it retains warmth well inside the jacket with the featured insulation. Additionally, Turbo has a great design because we all can wear it and stay trendy without wearing out its original fabric over time. Lastly, binding cuffs mean that gentlemen can wear the Columbia jacket for several winter seasons to come.

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5. Delta

Columbia Men’s Delta Ridge

Delta Columbia jacket has six different colors for all of our gentlemen. Furthermore, it is made with fabric that is heat-reflective from the outside. This is because the Columbia jacket is made with 100% polyester. This means that the winter chill gets reflected back to the space. In addition, the dot pattern helps to retain warmth from the inside of Delta jacket. Moreover, the quality is reinforced with designed insulation. The design and fabric are flexible and good for those men who are needing jackets in X or XL size.

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4. Eager

Columbia Men's Eager

Eager Columbia jacket is safe with a washing machine, so there should not be a worry. Every man know it is hard to wash a jacket by hands. Additionally, it is made with 100% polyester that is heat and chill-reflective. The fabric is waterproofed as well, that further makes it an excellent jacket for a winter season. The product has a zipper closure to close and open the jacket very fast. There are many choices of colors to choose from for all gentlemen who are reading this article.

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3. Wheeler

Columbia Men's Wheeler

While Wheeler Columbia jacket is made with Polyester, it is for the inner part that there is 100% polyester to retain heat. From the outside, there are 70% cotton and 30% nylon that makes other people touch your jacket with a soft feeling of cotton. Although, it is not 100% polyester with the jacket; it is water-resistant from the outside. Wheeler Columbia jacket is safe with a washing machine. There is a zipper closure that all of us can wear the jacket anytime we wish for. Men of all sizes can match with the Columbia jacket because you can adjust the cuffs to your sizes.

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2. Butte

Columbia Men's Buck

Wearers can wash Butte Columbia jacket with a washing machine. There is no button with Butte as it has a zipper closure for a fast wearing. Additionally, the Columbia jacket is made with Ripstop nylon that reflects back the winter chilling. From the inside, it has synthetic fabric that keeps both warmth and comforts for all male wearers. You can adjust the hood to your head size, on one hand. On the other hand, gentlemen can choose to wear the hood or not when it is up to how cool the weather is.

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Columbia Men's Utilizer

Utilizer is constructed 100% with polyester that offers an insulation to all gentlemen from chilling of winter, on one hand. On the other hand, the fabric itself is waterproofed that adds more quality to the chill-reflective quality of the fabric itself. While gentlemen are walking with snow falling on your heads and bodies, we all can easily wipe clean to not let the Columbia jacket see waterdrops on it. Cuffs are elastic so that men of all sizes can wear Utilizer Columbia jacket for gentlemen. It is not going to change in styles because of the jacket’s elastic cuffs quality.

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Buying Guide

Fabric: While Columbia is a well-reputed branding in the jacket industry, not every Columbia jacket is top-graded. As a result, all gentlemen should choose the Columbia jackets for men with quality materials such as polyester, nylon and cotton. These are all signature fabrics. You should look up for yourself because some good products are entirely made with polyester or nylon while a number of Columbia jackets are constructed with a mixture from cotton. Cotton does not make heat or chill-reflective, but it does make a soft touch on them.

Zipper Closure: Gentlemen should rather choose the Columbia jackets with zipper closures because it’s the point of Columbia jackets with their well-designed zippers to keep all men handsome. Zipper closure makes it much faster than a button closure to wear and take it off. This is normal and expected in a winter season when you are out against the winter chill and come back to your room with good heating.

Cuffs with Adjustments: Adjustable cuffs are good because all gentlemen just need to look whether you like any Columbia jacket designs without a much concern whether the size fits to your bodies or not. Furthermore, people often have weight changes over time, so it is good to have Columbia jackets that are adjusting to the changes of your weights and bodies.

Hood to Cover your Head: Almost all the Columbia jackets we do mention come with hoods while a number of them do not have. We recommend you have two jackets that include one with hood and another one without a hood for a change as well as a change of style. Some days are not very cold, so you might need the one without a hood.

Warmth and Comfort: The whole point of getting the famous brand Columbia jackets is to get yourself into comfort and warmth in the coming season. We all should only see the jackets that give us both warmth and comfort. All of the Columbia jackets here are warming and comforting to all our gentlemen.


Whether it is a spring or winter season, having a Columbia jacket protects you from chill. In addition, it makes you look handsome and on trend with the very famous Columbia jacket for men. Here are some qualities all of gentlemen here should consider for quality Columbia jackets. Those jackets should have good fabric such as polyester, nylon and/or cotton, come with a zipper closure, have adjustable cuffs and can give you both warmth and comfort. For the hood part, you might need to choose two jackets with one that has a hood and another one that doesn’t have a hood for a change of styles and a change as well. No matter what, all the Columbia fur jackets are high-quality as it is a well-reputed brand for many years and remains in a good position as of now.