If you, your family, or friends have a passion in making or learning to make cocktails, you are definitely going to need a very practical and all-purpose cocktail shaker set.  This article is going to suggest to you the top 10 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets that will definitely meet your needs.

List of Top 10 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets

10. Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

 Professional Boston Cocktail

Are you looking for a cocktail shaker set? With Boston Brand, it comes with a 4-Piece set including 2 different sizes of Shaker Tins (28oz and 18oz), Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger, and Recipe Booklet. Don’t worry; all of these 4 are made in a stainless-steel quality. This bartender set is in a classic silver color and perfect for your bartender kit collection. The 2 shaker tins are compatible since they seal tightly together avoiding any dripping when you shake them, however, they would not cause you any trouble in opening them up. The wire attached with the Hawthorne Strainer is designed to not allow any dripping as well. You don’t have to memorize the recipes of your cocktails since this set comes with a recipe book.

And, when you’re making your favorite cocktail, every liquor that you mix will be in the correct amount since the double-sided jigger is marked with a measurement. So, you can be a professional bartender that no matter what you shake whether it is just liquor or mix with ice, there will never be trouble for you. Plus, don’t be shocked when you purchase this cocktail shaker set because this brand will give you a lifetime warranty and the quality is certainly going to provide you a great contentment.

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9. Bartender Kit Boston Cocktail Shaker Bar Set by VinoBravo

12-Piece Bartender Kit Boston

Purchasing just this one set of cocktail shaker gadgets by VinoBravo is going to make a major difference for your bartender experience whether you are already an expert or just a new learner in this field. You have 3 different color options for this set including black, silver, and rose copper. The 2 Weighted Shaker Tins won’t cause any leaking or frozen problems.

This 12 in 1 premium quality set allows you to make any cocktails very fast and easy, and every cocktail equipment you need is in here. Surprise your friend with an expert bartender skill with the assistance of this VinoBravo set.

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8. Bartender Kit Copper

Bartender Kit Copper 11 Piece

If you’re looking for a very well-polished stylish bartender kit, we would recommend this set for you. It comes with 3 color choices such as black, silver, and copper. By purchasing this set you will receive 11 gadget pieces in total which include 19 Oz Shaker, Muddler, Twisted Bar Spoon, 2 Pourer Spouts, Hawthorne Strainer, Wire Mesh Strainer, Double Measurement Jigger, Ice Tong, Corkscrew, and Walnut Colored Stand. All of these cocktail essential pieces are very easy and convenient to use because it comes with a precise measurement.

Plus, the Shaker comes in a dripping free quality and easy to unseal, so you won’t be scared of spilling your drink.  This whole set certainly allows you to be a pro at mixing cocktail ingredients for your beloved person, family, friends, or customers. So now, it is time to show your skillful talents in making a delicious cocktail for any occasion.

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7. VonShef Matte Black Parisian Cocktail Shaker Set

 VonShef Matte Black Parisian

This modern luxury VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker Set comes in two colors, matte black and copper. This is a very excellent bartender tool kit accessory because this set provides a 17oz Shaker and many useful additions such as a muddler, bar spoon or fork, Strainer, Julep Strainer, 2 pourer, double ended 0.5/1 Oz measuring Jigger and recipe guide.

The shaker ensures a tight seal avoiding any liquor leak while you are assembling your cocktail, and you can confidently open the shaker every time. Even if you aren’t good with the recipe, you are still able to make a delicious cocktail because this cocktail shaker is a beginner friendly set that provides you many cocktail instructions in its recipe book.

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6. All-inclusive Bar Set | Professional Home Bartender Cocktail Shaker Set

All-inclusive Bar Set

A very attractive cocktail shaker that is available in 6 different colors. With this inclusive bar set, you will get a 700ml cobbler shaker (dripping proof and scratch free), 30/60ml jigger, muddler, condensed strainer, mixing spoon, and 2 pourers. Every piece in this cocktail shaker set is made out of a premium stainless-steel quality, making this whole set rust, stain, and scratch free.

Plus, it is BPA and chemical free. Thus, it is very practical for mixing drinks whether it is a hot or cold beverage. Mix your favorite beverages and be pleased with the delicious taste of your liquor.

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5. Cocktail Shaker 17pcs Bartender Kit with Stand

 25oz Cocktail Shaker

You won’t go wrong with this complete stainless steel bartender kit set because it contains every essential equipment that you need in order to make your delicious cocktail. This whole set include 1 spoon, 1 pestle, 1 strainer, 1 ice tongs, 1 cork screwer, 1 wooden frame, 1 cheese knife, 1 bottle opener, 1 double sided jigger (precise measurement), 1 shaker (750 ml), 2 pourers, 2 bottle stoppers, 3 ice tongs.

The shaker enables you to mix and shake your favorite drink without worrying about it dripping. The lid of the shaker is easy to remove. It is also made in a BPA free quality. Whether you’re buying it for your own or gifting it for someone, don’t forget to consider this set in your purchase list.

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4. Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand

This fabulous bartender kit covers everything you need to make your favorite cocktail, and it is also in a very good deal. The whole set of this kit includes cocktail shaker with a built-in strainer, jigger, martini glasses, bar mixer spoon, opener, in addition with a wooden crate holder to give a more luxurious vibe. To create more lively activities to your cocktail party, this Bartending Kit also comes with recipe cards. With these cards, you and your friends can initiate some games and have fun mixing cocktails together.

As a host, your party is certainly going to be more special than the others because of the correct measurement of the martini glasses to perfect your mixing technique.  With all the support of these tools, you can now mix your cocktail effortlessly and result in a very amazing cocktail flavor.

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3. Mixology Bartender Kit

 Mixology Bartender Kit

This impressive bartender tool for your cocktail preparation is a 10 piece tool. It includes 24 oz cocktail shaker that is already attached with a built-in strainer, double-sided jigger (0.5 and 1 oz) with a precise measurement, Mojito muddler, Mixing spoon, 2 Liquor pourers, Ice tongs, Double lever corkscrew. With a thoughtful consideration for customers to keep all these bartender tools in order, this set also provides a stainless steel stand. With these bar tools, you will always be very excited to start making your own cocktails. This brand is well made and recognized as a trusted quality bartender product because it is rust and dripping free and unbreakable. Needless to say, it is the best bar decoration and at the same time is very practical.

If you are somehow a little bit forgetful of where you left your books, you can still get the recipe from Mixology Crafts online cocktail recipes. Never be afraid to show cast your iconic cocktail mixing and let your friends and family enjoy your delicious cocktail.

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2. Cocktail Shaker Boston Shaker Set

 Cocktail Shaker Boston Shaker

How can we not review such an absolutely stunning and fancy bartender option from the Boston brand. With this brand, we guarantee that it will be worth every buck of yours because of its functionality. This bar tool will still look delicate over time. When you purchase this bartender set, you will receive 2 cocktail tins (18 oz & 28 oz) in a rustproof quality, double-sided jigger that is marked with measurements (1 and 2 oz), Hawthorne strainer, Tube container, and Cocktail Cards. You can also find more recipes via its online website.

You now can store all these tools neatly with the provided tube container. We guarantee that this bartending equipment set will make you become more curious in wanting to learn more about the variety of cocktail options.

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1. X-Cosrack Bartender Kit

This X-Cosrack bartender kit is a highly recommended barware because it is most bartender’s go to. We guarantee that this set will be your favorite selection because of its elegance and practicality. By making a purchase for this set, all your expectations in making cocktails will be met because they come with a very useful combo, thus making it very efficient to blend your cocktail and enrich its flavor.

The lid will never give you trouble whether you want to put it on or take it off. The stainless steel quality will keep this set remains in a dazzling quality with no issue. This bartender kit will never disappoint you whenever you want to make a tasty cocktail.

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Conclusion & Buying Guide

We really hope that this review will be able to help you decide a cocktail shaker set for your collection or gifting it to your beloved one. These top 10 bartender sets will assist you well in becoming a pro in customizing your cocktail.  Select the type that you are most comfortable and go with your personal preference. We hope this review gives you good choices for both beginners and professional cocktail shakers.

Material and Practicality

  • Some bartender sets give you a very stunning look. However, consider which type of materials it is made of. Do not focus on its shiny mirror looked alone. Last but not least, make sure whether your kit can be washed only by hand or as well washing fine in a dishwasher.
  • We highly recommend you to use a stainless steel rather than glass because glass contains more thermal mass, making it less flexible in absorbing the coldness and heat. Thus, glass will take more time in getting the liquor mixed well together.


  • You have to calculate how much cocktail you would like to make in one go. Choosing the right volume of the shaker won’t give you trouble mixing one drink a few times.
  • Consider as well whether it is a dripping free shaker. The shaker’s lid is also important because if it is too tight, there will be a high possibility of getting stuck every time you open it.