Most cars tends to have unpleasant odor such as smoking, foods, mold, or even pets’ smells from time to time. So to eliminate those odors, people need to add a car air freshener to the car to make the air quality in the vehicle become fresher. However, millions of similar car air fresheners are available on the market, which makes it hard for us to choose the best car air freshener.

Don’t be anxious; we are here to help to out. Here are the top 10 best car air fresheners that will help you find the best option for your preference.

List Of Top 10 Best Car Air Fresheners in 2020

10. G-color

G-Color Car Air Freshener

G color is the best option for those who like car air fresheners. It is very lightweight as it is 12 ounces. This car air freshener is made from a luxury alloy. It is elegant that you can use it to decorate your car. Its shape is tiny, so it will not stay in your sight or make it hard for you to drive the vehicle. Furthermore, it is very easy to use as it as an automotive-specific adhesive that you can stick it anywhere you want in the car, and it is anti-slip as it will not leave any mark in the car at all.

Moreover, it is harmless and safe to use as children, and pregnant women can use it as well. Besides using it in the car, it also can be used in the office, bathroom, bedroom, and more. In addition, the fragrance of this product is last longing since it extracts from a pure Frame plant, which gives out a natural aroma and helps eliminate strong or bad odor. It will include perfume supplements, beech tablets, and air fresher equipment.

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9. Comfy Mate

5 Large Pack Bamboo

If you are looking to replace your old car air freshener with the new car air freshener, Comfy Mate is the best one. It is 2.35 pounds. In one package, there are five bags in which each of the bag content 200 grams. This product is full of bamboo charcoal that will help remove pollutants, absorbs and eliminate the unpleasant smell, odors, such as pet odors or smoking, clean the air, and make the atmosphere fresher.

Besides using it in the car, you can also use it in the pet room, bathroom, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, sports bag, living room, and more. You can also use this product as a gift for house warming, birthday, mother day, wedding, etc. Moreover, this charcoal bag is safe for pets and children as it is chemical-free, non-toxic and tasteless. You can also put it in the refrigerator as well. This product could last about two years, which is longer than other regular products. However, if you put it directly under the sunlight, it could only last about one to two months.

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8. Air Wick

Air Wick Essential Mist

Another car air refresher that is well receiver form the general public is Air Wick. It is 1.2 pounds. This product automatically helps enhance the fragrance, and also make the natural essential oils turn into a gentle mist. If you put this product at the low settings, you may need to refill it again in 45 days. Furthermore, it does not need water and also easy refill as well. You can use this product in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and also could use it as décor too.

This device could deliver a sensorial and natural fragrance and run about 8-hour cycles. There are three settings, which are high, low, and medium setting, for you to adjust the duration of the fragrance that you want. In addition, the battery for the low setting could use up for 135 days. There are five scents options that you can choose from such as Freshwater breeze, cinnamon & apple, mandarin & sweet orange, lavender & almond blossom, peony & jasmine.

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7. Vyaime

 Vyaime USB Car

Vyaime has been long reputable for the quality of the car air fresher that they produce. This product is made of the BPA free and ABS. Adding the essential oil to this aroma diffuser, it will create a sweet scent while you are driving. Its water capacity is 200 ml. It could work continuously from 7 to 10 hours.  It could adsorb the odors with its 2X scent power and then gradually release a pleasant scent. It is very easy to attaches this product in the car, and you can attach it wherever you want. You also control the fragrance that being release by control the level of intensity.

You can use it in the office, car, home, or can use it as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. This product also features a colorful LED light, which could live up the atmosphere. Adding to that, it is a USB powered. It also gives out two months’ money back and a one-year warranty.

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6. econoLED

econoLED Car Humidifier

econoLED is the outstanding car air freshener that you should not miss out. Three colors, which are pink, blue, and purple, are available for you to choose form. It is very lightweight as it is only 0.28 pounds and its water capacity is 50 ml. You can use this as an aroma diffuser and air humidifier as well. The temperature that this product could be used within 0 to 45’c.

This product could remove the dryness of the lips, skin, cough, and sinuses, add moisture, and a cool mist. Besides adding water, you can add one or two drops of essential oil to it, and it will help you relax, relieve anxiety, tension, lift your mood, and boost your metabolism. This product could work for two hours straight. You can also rotate this humidifier’s water tank 180 degrees as well. It includes one manual, car humidifier, and spare wick.

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QBUC Car Air Freshener

OBUC is a first-rate product that you should consider in your purchase list. It is made from a solar fan blade and zinc alloy. Moreover, if you put it under the sunshine, the solar fan blade will spontaneously accelerate the aroma. There are various colors that you can choose from. It is 6.7 ounces. This scent of this product is made from a harmless material and no alcoholic, and water.

Furthermore, this product has a cologne aroma, which can make the air fresher and can lift your mood. It is safe for children and pregnant women to use. This product could last for one month, and you can use it at home, in the car, and more. QBUC gives out a hundred percent money back. If you have any problem with this product, come to QBUC, and they will give you a full refund.

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PURGGO Car Air Freshener

This is a top reviewed car air refresher on the list that comes from PURGGO. There are various colors that you can choose from. This product is made from bamboo charcoal and hemp. It is chemical-free, that content of nontoxic or chemical ingredient, no fragrance, no plastic. Children and pets can use this product as it is safe and healthy to use. Furthermore, it is also good for people who have asthma, stuffy nose, allergies, breathing sensitivities, and more.

You can use this product as a big sponge by absorbing or eliminate the unpleasant odor. In addition, this product could last longer than other regular product as you can use this product for more than one year, and the regular product typically could be used up in 45 days. Since this product made from renewable natural resources, after you used all of its lifespans, you can also use it as a fertilizer for planting as well.

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3. Febreze

Febreze Car Unstopables

Febreze is the third top product that you should not overlook. It is 0.48 ounces. There are four scents, such as fresh, vanilla, spring, and shimmer. This product has a 2x scent power that could absorb the odors, and after that, it starts to give out a noticeable scent. You can also use this product for a long period of time. For the shimmer scent, it provides a floral, and lively fragrance.

For the Fresh scent, it carries an invigorate and a clean fragrance. Creating this product it does not use any toxicity ingredients such as flammable propellants and formaldehyde. You also can attach this product anywhere in the car, so when you are driving, it will improve the air quality in the car by producing a lively and clean scent.

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2. Little Trees


Little Trees is the top second best choice among all of the car air fresheners. It comes in with a lot of packages as it is offered in a single pack, three packs, 12 packs, 24 packs, and lastly, 72 packs. It is 3.04 ounces. This product’s scent could last for a long time, and even longer than the regular product. There are various colors such as no smoking, lavender, watermelon, vanilla aroma, wide cherry, vanilla price, pure steel, royal pine, peachy peach, new car scent, coconut, black ice, bubble gum and more.

This product could eliminate the odor smell or the cigarette smell, clean the air, and produce a fresher and clean scent and improve the air quality. You can use it in the car, home, living room, bedroom, bathroom, bathroom, and more. It is safe and healthy to use as pets, and children can use it as well.

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1. Airbreezy

 Airbreezy Car Air

The most famous double car air fresher would be Airbreezy. Using this product can help you eliminate bad odors such as mold, pet, food, and even smoking odors and provide a fresher scent. Furthermore, it is very easy to use as you can attach this product anywhere you want in the car, and it will firmly at that place. The fragrance of this product could last about one month.

You can also make strength adjustments to this product as well. You can use it as a gift for yourselves, friends, and family. It comes with six vent clips too. Besides that, it also gives out a risk-free guarantee and one-month money back policy as well.

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