In the middle of extremely hot summer, everyone wants a cool drink to boost the performance of the day. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a bottle and cooler to cool up various types of beverages, including water, soda and beer.

To help you with the selection list, this article has prepared a list of the top ten best bottles and can coolers for you to choose. Also, at the end of the article, there is a buying guide section to help you choose a better and more efficient cooler for your drink.

List Of Top 10 Best Bottle and Can Cooler in 2020

10. Colcan

Colcan Stainless Steel Double

First of all, we would recommend this bottle and can cooler stainless steel from Colcan. It is designed to fit any standard sizes of cans. The can size should be about 16oz. Therefore, it is suitable for beer and soda cans as well. It is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel, and it features a double wall. It also provides a sweat proof system which is to prevent the moisture on the can.

There is a gasket on top to seal the can cold and securely inside the cooler. Thus, you will get a cool drink after putting in the cooler for a period of time. Last but not least, the cooler weight is only about 10.4 ounces.

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9. Insul8

 The Original Insul8 Beer

Next, we have this beer bottle and can cooler from Insul8. This can cooler is suitable for any standard sizes of bottle with a size of 12oz. It can cool up the drink or beer in a short period of time. It is also suitable for long neck bottle beverages, including Guinness draught, corona and pacifico. It keeps your bottle or can secure inside without breaking it or causing it to leak.

More importantly, the cooler is built from safe and non-toxic materials, which you can trust on with confidence. For these reasons, this cooler is highly recommended for you to provide you with a good and comfortable experience.

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8. Toadfish

Toadfish Can Cooler

Toadfish also offers us one of the best bottles and can coolers in the market. It features a standard ring on the top to fit in with the drink or any smaller cans. It holds your beer or energy drinks in place and lets them stay upright as always. It sticks to the surface and makes it smooth enough. It is equipped with double walled technology to make the drink as cold as you prefer.

The insulator is suitable for ounces, and therefore, it allows a 12oz drink to fit in tightly. The can cooler is made of stainless steel, and it is rust resistant, which ensures you with both durability and stability.

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7. BottleKeeper


Moving onto the next bottle and can cooler from BottleKeeper, it provides the cooler space for any standard sizes of cans and bottles. It is also a bottle and can be a cooler for car usage. It is dedicated to make the drink cooler, and it is suitable for any standard sizes of 12oz of cans and bottles. It can keep it in cold condition much longer than your expectation.

There is a bottle opener in order to attach the bottle securely and keep it cold and fresh. The quality of the bottle cooler is guaranteed with almost lifetime warranty, and therefore, it is a great gift for your friend and family to enjoy together.

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If you are looking for a stainless steel can cooler, you should consider this one from BOTTLE BOTTLE. The cooler comes along with a bottle opener which you can use to open your drinks easily. The can cooler fits with a standard size of 12oz can. The inner part is equipped with foam to protect the can and let it stand still and securely. The cooler is made with double-walled technology to keep the cool temperature longer than your expectation.

It is made of stainless steel and it is coated with copper to make the drink cold for 6 hours. If you find that the bottle cooler is not as good as your expectation, you can claim for a refund or replacement.

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5. Asobu

 Asobu Frosty Beer

Heading to the next product, it is a bottle and cooler from Asolu. It is available in an elegant silver color. It is suitable for both bottles and cans, which offer you with a cool and refreshing drink. The cooler comes with a double-walled construction which is to keep it cool as always. In addition, it does not leave any sweat or moisture on the wall of the bottle.

It is also a great cup holder for you to choose in the party or at the beach. For these reasons, it is an appreciated gift for your loved ones.

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4. Cirrus

 Cirrus Products 12

Here comes this bottle and can cooler from Cirrus. It is built from top grade stainless steel to provide a durable and long-lasting use. The surface is finished with powder coating which is resistant to corrosion, weather and chemical. Therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. If you place your drink inside the cooler, you can get it cold for several hours ahead.

The height of the cooler measures at 4 7/8 inches, whereas the diameter is about 3 1/8 inches. Therefore, it is suitable for any standard sizes of bottles or cans that have the volume of 12oz.

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3. LionRox

 LionRox Chillax12 Beer Bottle

For the rank 3rd of the top ten best list, we have this bottle and can cooler from LionRox. This cooler is made of metal, and it also features the use of stainless steel as well as vacuum double-walled technology. It is there to protect your drink to prevent it from breaking and let it stay cool for a long period of time. It is designed ideally for a slim bottle, which has a volume of 12oz. There is also a bottle opener which you can use to open it easily. Hence, if you do not know what to give your loved ones during any special occasion, you can consider this as a gift for them to enjoy together.

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2. BruMate

BrüMate Hopsulator BOTT'L

This is a great bottle and can be cooled from BruMate. There are many colors for you to choose from. It is designed perfectly for those who do not like warm beer or energy drinks. The cooler is made of stainless steel, and it features a double-walled system. It is suitable for 12oz drinks, including cans and bottles.

It is very easy to use because it can push the bottle inside and lock it in place. There are 2 gaskets for you to use with all kinds of beverages. More importantly, it will never add any sweat or moisture to the bottle or can of the drink.

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Last but not least, we have this bottle and can cooler from BISON COOLERS. There are 4 beautiful colors for you to select from. It comes with double wall technology to keep the temperature for a long period of time. It has a bison quality with the stainless steel construction. It is very durable and long lasting with a 5 year warranty.

Moreover, it does not make any sweat on the body of the can or bottle. It is suitable for 12oz standard size bottles and cans. Users can remove the insulator and fit the bottle ideally inside.

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Buying Guide

Although you have gone through the products, we still want to make sure that you know the main features that determine a good bottle and can cooler. So, if you want to know what that is, let’s go through the buying guide section with us.

Materials: for the materials of the cooler, it usually uses high grade stainless steel which is corrosion and heat resistant. It is often constructed with double-walled technology to ensure that the cold temperature can last for quite a long period of time. Also, the stainless steel is coated with powder finish. More importantly, when you place the bottle inside, the materials will not create any sweat or moisture on the body of the drink or bottle.

Size: before you buy, you should know which size of bottle or can that you want to place inside. Normally, there are 2 standard sizes which include 12oz and 16oz. The 12oz is a slimmer standard, suitable for slimmer can and bottles, whereas the 16oz standard is for the traditional design.


In short, we have discussed the top ten best bottles and can coolers. If you do not like warm drinks or beer, you can get one of our bottles and coolers now to fill your summer with something cool and delicious to make our day more productive.