Yoga is a great exercise for fitness and for health. By doing yoga, you can enjoy a peaceful time, relieve stress and also workout at the same time. Because of all the benefits you can get from it, yoga is widely practiced. To be able to do yoga efficiently, it is important to have one of the most essential yoga props which is the yoga mat.

The best yoga mat with a carrying strap will offer comfort and efficiency to yoga practitioners. In this article, the top ten best recommended yoga mat products will be listed. Find out the results down below.

List of Top 10 Best Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap in 2020 

10. Gaiam travel yoga mat

This knee support yoga mat with a carrying strap is an attractive yoga mat with the best quality possible. The yoga mat is a 4mm mat, printed fashionably and has non-slip surface texture. The mat is also very lightweight and durable, making it easy to carry with the provided 6ft long carrying bag strap. The yoga mat also comes with a yoga block made with thick foam to help support and also increase the difficulties of the poses.

This yoga mat is a great prop to use for an effective yoga session and it is also included with many other yoga accessories in the kit.

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9. Jaoul non slip yoga mat

This great extra thick yoga mat with a carrying strap has great features as a yoga mat which makes it one of the best yoga mat products in the market. This yoga mat main feature is its alignment line system which is laser engraved onto the surface of the mat to help better focus and accurate body adjustments. The yoga mat is made from PU surface, allowing it to be easily cleaned and has an ideal size of 72” x 26.8” and 5mm thick to provide space and comfort for the users. Including the yoga mat is a carry bag with velcro bag strap to pack the yoga mat for storage and carrying around easier.

This eco-friendly and useful yoga mat comes with a free carrying bag with strap for easy mobility and also offers a one year warranty on every purchase of the product.

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8. XGEAR non slip yoga mat


The XGEAR eco-friendly yoga mat is made from high quality and eco-friendly TPE material making odor-less and nontoxic. The yoga mat also features an excellent textured layer at the top which superior grip and traction to prevent slipping and at the bottom layer features a wave bottom for an anti-skid feature. The yoga mat is a lightweight and premium product with higher density, great cushioning and resilience with an overall product measurement of 72” x 24” and a thickness of ¼”. A stylish carrying strap is included with the yoga mat for easy mobility, storage and assistance.

This extra large yoga mat with a carrying strap has received great feedback on its quality, great design, pricing and is definitely a recommended yoga mat product.

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With this eco-friendly yoga mat with carrying strap, users can expect a high quality performance from the mat with premium non-slip feature with beautiful mandala laser print design. The surface of the top layer also features alignments for posture assistance. It is made from natural and eco-friendly rubber with 5mm of mat thickness for extra cushioning and a diameter of 71” x 24”. The yoga mat can also be easily cleaned with just some simple wipes. Along with this beautiful yoga mat, a durable matching carrying strap is also included in the package.

This yoga mat is an ideal mat for yoga and many general fitness exercises, providing good quality, comfortability and also has an elegant visual design.

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A unique and innovative yoga mat design from YOGO is a plant-based, eco-friendly yoga mat made with durable tree rubber with no containment of other materials such as PVC or TPE etc. The rubber mat has great grips and non-skid features to ground the mat in place and assist the users during the poses. The design also ensures that the mat is an easy to clean function with just some simple cleaning and the top-to-top folding function to keep dust and mold away more effectively. The yoga mat is portable as well with its attached straps, ultralight and foldable functions.

Join in the environmental friendly movement with the same great benefits and functions with this innovative eco-friendly yoga mat.

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5. Gruper

This beautifully designed and functional yoga mat is made with environmentally friendly TPE material with upgraded non-slip surface texture and softer to the touch for better comfort and protection. The durable materials make the yoga mat resistant to tearing with higher density and strong elasticity. The double layer design of this yoga mat makes it easier to grip and keep the mat formation effectively. The mat is 72” x 24” in size and ¼” thick with great maintenance and cleaning functions including an efficient carrying strap and bag.

A 90 days refund is given to purchasers of this yoga mat to ensure the customer’s satisfaction toward the quality and performance of the mat.

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This thick and beautifully textured yoga mat is a lightweight mat with a thickness of 6mm and a size measurement of 72” x 24”. It is made with top quality TPE material with sticky and non-slip texture on the double side of the yoga mat. Moreover, it also has excellent traction and grip to offer a comfortable experience for yoga practitioners of all levels. The cushioning and thickness of the mat will protect the joints, knees from getting injured or feel uncomfortable. This high quality yoga mat is also easy to carry around with a carrying strap included with the mat.

Enjoy a comfortable and healthy time exercising with this yoga mat and a guaranteed one year warranty of the product.

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This high quality and beautifully craft carrying bag is a perfect fit for a 26” x 6.8” yoga mat. It is made with high quality fabric and canvas with amazing details and features. An adjustable carrying shoulder strap is designed to fit with anyone and also has a large, spacious and expandable front pocket. It has a full, durable zipper design and will give great assistance for carrying yoga mats around.

This wonderful yoga mat carrying bag has great quality, features and plentiful visual presentation designs for buyers to choose from.

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2. Gaiam

Gaiam classic, essential yoga mat has a lightweight feature with durable and extra thick mat quality. It is measured as 72” x 24” in diameter with ¼” thick featuring additional and effective cushioning and non-slip surface texture which has an excellent traction as well as superior grip. The yoga mat includes a carrying strap sling for mobility and easy storage. The mat is designed with style and comfort to enable users the best experience possible.

The yoga mat with carrier sling strap is an essential and classic yoga prop proving with great functions and product quality.

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This premium and eco-friendly yoga mat has a waterproof resistance feature along with a non-slip, excellent traction and grip features making it a versatile and efficient product. Moreover, the mat is also moisture resistant and has great cushioning and a standard mat thickness of ¼” with a mat dimension of 72” x 26”. It also features an alignment system to assist and perfect body posture of yoga practitioners through each yoga pose. The yoga mat is also lightweight and easy to carry around with its provided carrying strap.

This convenient and efficient yoga mat has great features and qualities to be the best yoga mat with assisting carrying strap to enable easy movement. Last but not least, it is available in five beautiful colors such as blue, green, grey, red, and purple.

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Buying Guides

To ensure that seekers of a great yoga mat will meet their expectation and satisfaction of the product, there are some buying guide requirements that seekers should look out for before buying the product.

Material: The materials of the yoga mat will create a more enjoyable time during the exercise. Moreover, the materials are also important because it will affect the durability, comfort and longevity of the product.

Measurement: Measurements of the yoga mat overall size and thickness can help the user to have a comfortable space for each yoga pose and feel better comfort and cushioning.

Features: Each yoga mat will have different features. Therefore, this factor helps to determine the functionality and overall quality of the yoga mat. Features as easy-to-clean, non-slip features, moisture-resistant are a great plus.


Yoga mats are the essential items for a great yoga session. The better quality and efficient the yoga mats are, the better the poses and workout becomes which is why it should be in every yoga practitioner’s best interest to purchase a high quality yoga mat with a carrying strap to have the best experience possible with yoga.