If you think that it is very hard to acquire beautiful and healthy skin because it is time consuming, complicated and expensive, we would suggest you read this article till the end. In this article, we would give you the top 10 best moisturizers for dry skin and they are all very affordable. Transforming your dull skin into a fresh youthful look will not be a troublesome mission anymore.

List of Top 10 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin in 2020

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10. Avera Organics Body and Face Cream

This face and body moisturizer is made from many good ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera, Macadamia Nut Oil, shea butter, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Green Tea, adding with many different types of vitamins and acid. This cream uses a non greasy formula. You can use it both for your daytime and night-time cream, and you do not have to worry that this cream can clog your pores or cause any acne. It works effectively to solve your sensitive and itchy dry skin as well as acne problems. This cream is very fast acting, thus, after using it for a few times, you will notice that your skin becomes smoother (no more wrinkles and fine lines) and starts to glow from the inside.

It gives a look of a skin that has hydrated well and makes you look very refreshed. In addition, this cream also helps to repair damage to skin such as sunburn, infections, or cracking. Your skin will be moisturized and silky soft all day.

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9. Dry Skin and Moisturizers

Dry Skin and Moisturizers

If you love reading and your interest topic is about dermatology, we would highly recommend this comprehensive book for you. It is the best summary about the clinical and basic science knowledge about dry skin and moisturizers and how the chemistry functions. You will get to learn many aspects about moisturizer and the nature of different types of dry skin. There is a lot of relevant information that can lead to many new discoveries and efficient solutions to treat your dry skin.

In addition, it also focuses on the safety issues in depth and the constituents of moisturizers and their effects on dry skin. This book will become the most important reference when you want to refer back to the information related to dry skin and what will be the best and useful treatment for this problem.


8. Dryness 9-1-1 Natural Moisturizing Face and Body Cream

Grand Design

This cream will become your intensive therapy that works best for your dry skin. The formula of this cream contains no artificial fragrance. Every ingredient is very gentle. We can ensure you that there is no dangerous chemical that can damage your skin such as gluten, sulfate, paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, and many more. It will relieve and soothe your damaged and irritated skin instantly. The ingredients are very natural that will not cause any irritation to your skin.

This cream can absorb very quickly into your skin and prevent any further water loss to keep your skin hydrated all day. Besides just soothing, this cream can also calm and rejuvenate your skin and soften and repair any roughness.

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7. Pond’s Dry Skin Face Cream

Your skin care routine will not be complicated or require a lot of time anymore. This facial moisturizer is rich in providing a hydration both for dry skin and sensitive skin. With this cream, your skin will be able to retain its natural moisture that can give you a vibrant and radiant look. In addition, the ingredients are enriched with humectants and occlusive, making your skin absorb the creamy texture deeply and quickly, and prevent the moisture from leaving your skin.

For a good balance and protection for your face, it is recommended to apply this cream before your make up. You can apply this cream again at night if your skin needs extra moisture. You will notice the beautiful results delivered after using this cream for a while.

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6. L’Oreal Paris Skincare Hydra Genius

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer

With this moisturizer, your face will be soothed and nourished all day. The ingredients of this cream is the aloe water mixed with 3 different types of essential acid to produce energy for cell growth. The texture of this cream is water based, making this face lotion absorbs quickly and deeply into your skin. This texture also makes your face feel very comfortable unlike the other moisturizer that makes you feel greasy every time you apply it.

It works very well to provide extra moisturizer for dry skin type. Your face will be hydrated up to 72 hours. Besides just moisturizing your face, it gives you many skin essentials to ensure that your skin will stay healthy and reduce a chance of getting wrinkles.

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5. Face and Body Moisturizer Cream

 Face and Body Moisturizer

This is a very good face and body moisturizer for dry skin and wrinkles. We can guarantee you that every ingredient in this cream is organic and pH balanced. There will be no dangerous chemicals such as paraben, gluten, sulfrate, mineral oil, etc. that would harm your skin. It is well known for its effectiveness in keeping your skin hydrated, nourished, and restored back your skin elasticity. You can also use this cream to treat your cracked hands, bugs bite, sunburn, and other dry skin problems.

Another great thing about this cream is that it can help to reduce anti-aging and anti-wrinkles. Unlike other cream, you do not have to worry that it clogs your pores or causes any new breakouts.

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4. Dry Skin Cream Body Hand Lotion Moisturizer

 Dry Skin Cream Body Hand

Are you looking for a vitamin C moisturizer for dry skin? If you are looking for an all in one skin treatment to your problems whether it is your face, elbows or knees, bug bite, itchy skin, hands and feet cracks, swelling, diaper rash, bruising, cuts, and other skin irritation problems, we would recommend this intense hydration therapy for you. It works super effectively. It has been approved by dermatologists that there will be no side effects or risks from the ingredients of this cream.

You can find many good herbs, natural plants, and essential oil in this cream including aloe vera, olive leaf, honey, shea butter, lavender oil, chamomile oil, and many more. The formula of this cream is organic and everything is natural without adding any chemicals or artificial colors or smell. Last but not least, this cream can also help you to prevent future outbreaks and infections.

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3. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry to very Dry Skin

This moisturizer can save you a lot of troubles. This will be your most favorite moisturizer and it will be the right moisturizer for dry skin for winter. You can also use this moisturizer as a hand cream to soften your hands or treat your dry hands as well as use for your whole body including knee, elbows, and feet. To help retain the moisture, this cream has clinical proof in its formula, making this cream a 24 hour barrier to keep you moisture and hydrate.

The formula excludes a comedogenic, paraben, and artificial fragrance. Thus, this cream is very gentle and will not lead to any skin irritation. Just apply it once in the morning and you are covered for the rest of your day.

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2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid

Neutrogena Hydro Boost

This moisturizer is in a gel cream texture to provide an extra moisturizer and keep your face hydrated. It is the best moisturizer for dry skin with acne, resulting in a simultaneously smooth and silky skin. The gel texture enables the cream to absorb into your face very fast. Apply this cream regularly and it will work to protect your skin from any further water and moisture loss.

However, make sure that you clean your face with a cleanser to get rid of any makeup, dirt, and oil. You will have no trouble with breakouts even if you have an acne prone or sensitive skin. This cream is famous due to its powerful in attracting and locking the moisture in your skin, giving your skin a fresh and healthy looking.

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1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, Intense Hydration

First Aid Beauty Ultra

When your skin gets enough hydration, you will notice the quick process that it can heal your damaged skin. We highly recommend this moisturizer for dry skin SPF. The key ingredients of this cream include allantoin, colloidal oatmeal, fab antioxidant booster, and shea butter. This formulation is already tested and proven that it is very safe for all types of skin and will not lead to any allergy.

These ingredients are the solution to make your skin balanced and treat dryness and eczema.  You will already see a huge difference in your skin tone after just using this cream for one time. It is also proven to be very good in relieving your itchiness instantly.

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We hope this article would be able to help you choose the moisturizer that is best suited for your skin. We can assure you that you will be happy with this purchase since they are all great products, thus, it will worth every buck. Before that, you may need to consider the following factors:

  • 1. Ingredients: Make sure your moisturizer is made from natural ingredients. This is to ensure that the product is not too harsh or containing any chemicals or artificial fragrance that would irritate or damage your skin later.
  • 2. Fast absorbing: If your moisturizer cannot absorb quickly and deeply, it will give you a greasy look and discomfort feeling. Another headache is the cream will consume a lot of time to apply since you need more time to pat the texture into your face.
  • 3. All in one cream: It can save you a lot of money since you do not have to buy two separate products for your face and your body. By all in one, it is very useful and practical if it can at the same time moisturize, brighten, tighten, repair, and improve your damaged skin.