Exercise plays an essential role in our health as it does not only prevent you from serious sickness but it also keeps you fit and strong. Even though there are tons of awesome exercises that require different equipment, you cannot forget the kettlebells exercise since it will give you a new experience to enhance your strength, balance and flexibility, at the same time it is also burning your fat and adding muscle tone. Furthermore, you actually can do several exercises with this weight training tool such as Twist, Squat, Swing, Single-arm snatch or press, etc.

However, there are various types of kettlebells out there that you probably have many doubts about which one to purchase. For a smart solution, we would like to pick up any of these top ten best kettle bells that you can consider for your indoor workout or gym.

List Of Top 10 Best Kettlebells To Buy

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10. CanDo Kettle Bell

CanDo Vinyl-Coated

Let’s kick off with CanDo KettleBell that is an ideal for rehabilitation, strength training and toning to help you to the fullest for rebuilding and exercise. This Kettlebell has Color-coded cast iron kettle bells that will help you to recognize the weight number easily since it is marked on the bell in pounds and kilograms. Plus, it is available in 8 different weights that you can decide from 5 to 30 pounds based on your preference and level of exercise.  So, whether it is for your home or club or gym, you can pick it up and exercise effortlessly.

More importantly, Vinyl-coated kettlebell reduces the detriment on your floor tiles. The textured handle allows you to grip securely without hurting your hand during workout.

Key Features

  • Floor scratching resistant by having vinyl coating
  • Noticeable weight-marked on the center of the bell
  • Needing little effort to hold the handle tightly since it is in a round shape

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9. LifeSport KettleBell

LifeSport Training

The kettlebells adjustable of LifeSport are known to be industry standard. It is designed beautifully in a wide flat base which is absolutely perfect for push-ups and weight lifting exercise. Moreover, it will stand still in place to ensure the stability when you put it down on the floor. Besides that, its handle has been made in a smooth and convenient grip because it is matte powder-coated finished.

They are made as cast as solid iron which means they are durable that you can use for years to come. It comes in many sizes such as 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs and 50lbs. The Color-coded design makes it easier for you to notice the different sizes.

Key Features

  • Versatile kettle bell which is perfect for strength training
  • Flat base for storing in place
  • Sturdy and nice piece of equipment for your fitness center and home gym

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8. Kamagon Kettlebell

Kamagon Water Filled

Are you looking for two handles kettlebells? If so, Kamagon kettlebell is your perfect choice. The two handles allow you to extend your workouts to new level with multi holding options. Over and above that, it is not only special because its two handles but what’s more is that Kamagon ball uses Hydro-interia, meaning you can adjust the weight by adding water in or removing the water in and out, and the weight is between 2 to 13 pounds.

At the same time, the polyvinyl chloride structure makes no damage when dropping on the floor. Last but not least, with this soft two handles and water ball, make your handle more comfortable and will not hurt your wrist or forearm.

Key Features

  • Two soft side handles
  • Adjustable weight by pouring water in or out
  • No loud noise or scratch on the floor when falling down

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7. Valor Fitness Kettlebell

Valor Fitness Chrome

Valor Fitness kettlebell is a heavy duty kettle bell that comes along with a solid, chrome-plated steel handle which is attached with rubber coated. This construction makes it more special but challenging for you when you workout. Moreover, on the top of that, its textured handle is comfortable to hold securely without sliding even if your palm is sweaty.

Valor Fitness kettlebells are unique equipment as they are versatile gear that you can do several of exercises, especially kettlebell CrossFit. Its weight is available in many options from 8lbs to 70lbs and the number is in raised red color for identification.

Key Features

  • Strong, curved, slopped handle for perfect grip
  • Best known for exclusive strength and fitness training equipment
  • Available in 12 sizes in weights, it will perfect for you gym club since people will have choices when they work out there

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6. Rage Fitness Kettlebell

 RAGE Fitness Competition

Rage Fitness kettlebell is also called a competition kettlebell. It has been made in the same bell and handle sizes. The handle is quality steel shell craftsmanship, meaning it has a smooth surface and very comfortable to hold without hand fatigue or snapping off from the kettle bell. Therefore, it provides balance and safety during your working out. It is perfectly great for strength, power and dynamic flexibility as well as full body workouts movement.

The weights are separated in 4kg increments from 4 to 48 Kgs and they are color coding. Having these competition kettlebells at your home or your fitness center, you can enjoy the training together with your group.

Key Features

  • Smooth handle and it is flawless finished for handling
  • Consistent diameter which means the diameter of the bell will be the same for every size of kettlebell weight
  • Great for rehabbing muscle or developing strength

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5. BalanceFrom KettleBell

BalanceFrom GoFit

Designed in flat base and bottom, BalanceFrom kettlebells make it easy for you to store and you can keep it from rolling around too. It is made of high-quality solid cast kettlebell to ensure that your floor tiles will not get damaged or scratched. Additionally, the color-coding vinyl gives you clear number of the weight. Normally, we notice that during exercising, our palms are sweaty and slippery.

However, with the textured wide handle from BalanceFrom, you are no longer worried about that because it will properly fit your fist surrounding the handle, then you can have full control on it. Now you can burn your calories with these kettlebell exercises.

Key Features

  • Flat bottom and base allow you to have more space and cause no damage since it will not roll
  • Textured handle that mostly fit all hand sizes
  • Kettlebells exercises for abs

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4. GoFit KettleBell

Contoured Single

GoFit kettlebell will bring you to the next level and modern exercise experience since it is ideally for any age and both genders have the same goal which is getting fit and healthy. In addition, it has been ergonomically designed in contoured shape and non-slip grip, so your wrist and forearm will wrap around and be able to hold tightly. Besides that, Coated, textured handle construction will provide fully control and comfortable hold during training routine.

Getting these kettlebells at home, they will serve you right and satisfy your needs. Specially, it has a complimentary training DVD with Brook Benton when you purchase it.

Key Features

  • Coated texture
  • Non-slip grip for comfortable gripping
  • Ergonomically designed to wrap around the wrist and forearm

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3. CFF KettleBells

 CFF K2 Powder Coated

The CFF kettlebells have been designed to provide superior grip with chipped-resistance as this brand of kettlebells are made from top quality matte powder coated. Furthermore, the kettle bells have a flat bottom providing a stable platform for you to do renegade row and push-ups exercise.  Having a smoother surface and textured with one solid cast and no welds, the high-quality kettle bell will not dissatisfy you or you will get hand fatigue when you finish a few rounds of exercise.

Moreover, the number of the size on the bell is easy to see and read. Using this brand’s kettle bell, whether swing, snatch, deadlift, squat or kettlebell exercise for abs, you can feel the comfy experience.

Key Features

  • Prevent chipping
  • Making from highest quality material
  • Flat bottom for stable balance during training
  • Smoother surface handle

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2. Bodykore KettleBell

Bodykore Steel Power

Are there any knurled handles of kettlebell? Well, Bodykore kettlebells are made specifically for people who need a knurled handle, thick grip and rubber in the inner core.  Crafting from steel power maces-black powder coated has changed training equipment into new style and sturdy standard. These provide numerous benefits to the user which is not only durability but also better and smooth grip with strength and power for your wrist during swings exercise.

Besides that, the kettle bell comes in 3 separated shapes and sizes such as 4kg, 8kg and 12kg. Using a macebell kettle bell for your daily routine exercise, you will be able to burn more calories and tone your muscle to get in shape.

Key Features

  • Knurled handle and macebell head
  • Durability training equipment
  • Thick grip with rubber inside the core

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1. Tidal Tank KettleBells

Tidal Tank

Water fill-in kettle bell from Tidal Tank is newly designed. It is made to be transparent so that you can see through the tank clearly. Especially water level and you will know how many pounds of water to add inside the tank with a weight indicator. The water can be filled in up to 12lbs by pushing the pin to open it for water and air. The water will slosh from one side to another side through your movements. Also, it may look light in weight but you can get sore with just 6 pounds.

For fitness lovers, you will love this type of kettle bell since it makes you strong, healthy and your muscles will grow by using this. Apart from that, there are many exercises from Tidal Tank online training center that are available for you.

Key Features

  • Water tank kettlebell
  • High quality fitness product for entire body workouts
  • Prevent injuries since it is light in weight

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Buying Guide: What to Look at when buying Kettlebells

Kettle Bells is a great exercise equipment that serves numerous benefits to your body.  It is very important to consider several factors when choosing a kettlebell for yourself to be versatile, efficient and cost effective. Here are some tips and necessary information to make an informed choice.


Kettlebells generally range in weight from 8kg to 48 kg. So, it is very important to choose the right weight to start in order to learn proper technique and suit your level. Please remember that the kettlebell needs to be heavy enough to put sufficient load on your muscles, but not too heavy that it forces you to compromise your technique.


There are many sizes and weights that you can choose. If you are a beginner, you should buy 12kg and if you are already used to it, you can buy between 16 to 24kg for men. And for women, you can get 8kg one when you first start, then 12 to 16kg when you are good at it.


It will be hard for you to hold and move it during exercise if you purchase the one with a thick handle. The handle should be 33mm or you can put your hand around the entire handle to check if it is rough or too big. If you are going to perform a lot of two handed kettlebell exercises, then you should buy the one that you could put your both hands in. Also, you can enjoy different and more exercises with either hands or single hand.


Q: Why are kettlebells better than dumbbells ?

A: They play different roles. Kettlebells are used to strengthen your grips. While dumbbells is for you to improve your weight lifting. Kettlebells allow more movements than dumbbells.

Q: what do kettlebells do to your body ?

A: It helps strengthen your muscle and reduce your belly fat.

Q: where to buy kettlebells ?

A: You can buy it from Amazon and other online Gym Stores.

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After reading reviews, guide and information above, you might get all the answers to the questions that you doubt in your mind. We are sure that you will get some ideas on how to buy a perfect kettlebell for your exercise level which will satisfy you. I sincerely hope you have found your favorite kettlebell.