We usually use a hairdryer to dry wet hair after a shower. What’s more, a hair dryer also helps nurture smoother and softer hair if it’s a good one. We have done plenty of research to find you the top 10 best hair dryer reviews, and we will present our findings below.

List Of Top 10 Best Styling Hair Dryer Reviews in 2020

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Professional Ionic Salon Hair

To start with, we have a styling hair dryer from BELLOFORNO. The handle is designed to be non-slip so that it is easy for flexible operation. To make it easy for you to clean it, its rear filter is made to be detachable. There is one cool shot mode, three heating settings, and two speeds mode too. Furthermore, it can be used to create all hairstyles, and suitable for all kinds of hair such as thin, curly, thick, and straight because it has two concentrator nozzles and a diffuser. It also has a powerful airflow as the power of its motor is 2200 watts.

The hair dryer is suitable to use at home as well as a salon. More importantly, there is a ceramic tourmaline that will prevent it from being too hot that will damage your hair, and it distributes heat evenly too. It also has an ionic generator construction which makes this dryer to be more powerful, stronger by drying your hair faster, and it also helps reduce your frizz too. This is the best professional hair dryer.

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9. Andis Hair Dryer With Comb

 Andis 82105 1875-Watt

Here is another lovely styling hair dryer from Andis. It has three colors such as white, black, and gold. This dryer has an even heat ceramic technology that evenly distributes the heat. Moreover, it can be used to create many different hairstyles such as silky, smooth, or frizz-free hair. It also helps dry your hair at a very fast rate because it breaks the water molecules that stay on your hair. Plus, there is a cool shot button too.

The body of this dryer is made out of polymer. It comes with 3 slide-on attachments. It also has a hook which makes it convenient for you to store it. Adding to that, it has three heat settings which are low, medium and high which you can choose whichever temperature you want.

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8. ROSILY blow dryer

ROSILY 2200W Salon Hair

Moving on to the next styling hairdryer, this goody is from ROSILY. It is built to last as it has a life expectancy of 20 years. It also has a strong AC motor which will dry your wavy or thick hair very quickly. Furthermore, it could save your time as it dries your hair faster than other regular dryers. Not only can you use it to blow your hair, but it can also be used to style your hair too.

It comes with an 8.7 ft cord which has been certified by the UL standard 817.5 and 62. This wire is also durable and not easy to get tangles and twists. It also provides an ALCI safety plug. Additionally, it is designed to prevent you from accidentally pressing or changing the bottom. It is resistant to drop, and also has a comfortable grip. It is made of heat-insulated nylon material.

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7. TREZORO hair dryer

 Hair Dryer, Professional

TERZORO is another popular styling hair dryer. Using this machine, your hair will dry very fast as its motor power is 2200 watts. It uses thermal efficiency which combines the wind speed and temperature of this dryer which will make you have healthy and beautiful hair. It has an ionic generator design that helps reduce your frizz and remove static. Your hair will also become smoother, glossier, softer after using it. It has two-speed modes and three heat settings. This is the best lightweight hair dryer which you can easily use at home or salon.

It also can be used to make all types of hairstyles such as thick, curly, thin and straight. It is perfect to use it as a gift to your friend or family. In addition, its filter is removable so it is convenient for you to clean it. To reduce fatigue, its handles are made to be curved.

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6. ConairPRO Dog 


Are you looking for the best hair dryer for curly hair? Here is another famous styling hair dryer is ConairPRO Dog. There are five colors such as aqua, red, black, orange, and purple. Compared to a regular dryer, this dryer could reduce your hair drying time by half. It is durable which could last longer than ordinary dyer. It is built in an ionic technology that will help your hair to look smoother, soft, and reduce up to 75 percent of your fizz. Besides that, it has a ceramic technology that distributes the heat evenly and prevents this dryer from overheating which could damage your hair.

Plus, it has two speeds and three heat settings. There is also a cold shot button that is used to lock your hair in waves, curls, and styles. Package includes a concentrator.

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NITION Negative Ions

Up next, we have a styling hair dryer from NITON. It is designed to be lightweight and compact. The power of its motor is 1875 watts which will provide you a powerful airflow. Furthermore, it has a low noise which hardly produces any sound as well. It is also designed to have a double protection circuit too. There are three heat settings which are high, medium and low.

Moreover, it has two wind speed modes such as high and low. There is also one cold shot button that you can switch to a warm or cool blow. In addition, the hair dryer comes with three attachments including comb, diffuser, and concentrator. This is best hair dryer for fine hair.

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4. Paubea 

Paubea Radiation Free Hair

Paubea is another first-rate styling hair dryer. It has built-in a bioceramic technology that is radiation free. this best travel hair dryer is suitable for the kid and pregnant women to use. Paubea has a lightweight and tiny design.  It is also portable which is easy to carry or move around. It is perfect to use at home, salon or traveling. Moreover, it has ionic technology which will help you have smooth, and shiny hair.

Additionally, it can reduce frizz and helps protect your hair from heat damage too. It has three temperature settings such as low, high, and medium. Package includes a hairdryer, one user manual, smoothing nozzle, spare filter.

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3. LARMHOI Quiet Hair Dryer

 Ionic Hair Dryer

Subsequently, we have a styling hair dryer from LARMHOI. It is constructed with an ionic function that helps reduce frizz and static. The AC motor of this dryer is so strong and powerful which it helps dry your hair even faster. It is very quiet when it operates. There is a two-speed mode such as high and low. Plus, there are three heat settings which are warm, hot, and cool. It also has one cool shot button.

The radiation of this dryer is lower when compared to the regular dryer. It has an overheat protection too. Moreover, it has two concentrator nozzles which help dry your hair even faster and quicker. The filter is made to be removable so that you can easily clean.

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2. Sallous

 1875W Professional Salon

One of the finest styling hair dryers is from Sallous. This dryer has a very powerful airflow which helps dry your hair quickly, and it helps save your time as well. It has low noise which hardly produces any sound. You can clean it easily as its rear filter is detachable. It is made to be durable so it can be used for years. There are three heat settings, one hot button, and two speeds settings.

It can be used to make all types of hairstyles such as curtly, straight, thick or thin. Your hair will not damage from overheat as it distributes heat evenly. It is qualified by ETL and U.S ALCI. This product is backed by a two-year warranty.

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1. KIPOZI Professional Blow Dryer

KIPOZI Pro 1875

The best styling hair dryer is from KIPOZI. Golden back is the only color that has been offered. It has three heat, two speed settings, and one cool shot button. KIPOZI is designed to have an ionic technology in which your hair will not have any dampness but will only make your hair smoother and shinier. It has received a certificate from ETL. Moreover, its air filter is removable. It comes with a diffuser and concentrator.

A concentrator is used to straighten your hair, and a diffuser is used to make a wave or curls. Adding to that, its handle is made ergonomic which is very comfortable when holding it. It is also designed to be lightweight. It has low noise which is very quiet and you hardly hear any sound. This is the quietest hair dryer among all. 

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You have just looked at the top 10 best styling hair dryers of 2020. These picks are backed by rave reviews in terms of their practical design, ease of use, and unrivalled performance. Hence, it will never be a disappointment to get yours soon.