There is no doubt however there are many accessories. One of many important accessories for car maintenance and repairs is a floor jack. A floor jack pushes your cars above the ground. It’d be advanced with an electric floor jack that does require an electric outlet to raise your cars above the ground so that you can check them up.

Without further delay, we are here for the ten best electronic floor jacks in 2020 with their key features. Feel free to read the product buying guide at the end of this if you are having problems with your indecisiveness as it can be helpful.

List Of Top 10 Best Electronic Floor Jack Reviews

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10. Qinlorgo

 Electric Jack,Lift Jack

Qinlorgo is a should-have electronic floor jack. That makes an excellent floor jack because it can raise above the ground vehicles with a maximum weight of five tons. That’s an impressive amount of weight for a reliable floor jack like Qinlorgo. Additionally, it has its own flashlight that users can use to light up and see what’s happening under your own cars. It’s a compact product to have.

Furthermore, the electronic floor jack is applicable with your basic vehicle outlets as it matches with those 12-volt outlets. The product makes excellent for not only repairs but also tire changes and other sorts of maintenance as well.

Key Features:

  • Has a loading capacity of 5 tons
  • With a flashlight for maintenance assistance
  • Compact to have around as a floor jack
  • Applicable with standard 12-volt outlets

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9. Workez

WOKEZ Electric Car Floor Jack

Workez works well with your cars’ cigarette lighter as it can charge to power up. The product has a capacity to lift 3 tons of weight that translates into those cars and vehicles. That makes an impressive electronic floor jack as users can maintain and repair your cars and change those tires. It takes you as users only 5 second to make the magic that is to list your cars above the ground to do the routine checkup or other maintenance.

Moreover, we all can place Workez inside your car. It’s a compact, small and lightweight electronic floor jack to have around. It’s good to change tires with it which is a basic task the electronic floor jack can do. The product is made with stainless steel that makes a reliable electronic floor jack with it. These overall qualities make sense as the product is a high-performing electronic floor jack.

Key Features:

  • Has a loading capacity of 3 tons
  • Takes 5 seconds to lift a car up
  • Compact and small floor jack
  • Good for changing tires

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8. Autool

AUTOOL 12V 6T Hydraulic

Autool easily matches with a car’s cigarette lighter as it meets with the 12V DC outlet. That fits with either a power outlet or battery of our cars’. Furthermore, Autool is awesome with a great loading capacity of six tons that is pretty impressive for a car. What’s more, it can lift between 6 inches and 17 inches for your vehicles to get a change with their tires or routine maintenance and checkup. It keeps you safe as there is no chance of the floor jack falling down and dropping those tons of cars. Again, it’s very safe for users as the company has carefully thought about this matter into their hands.

Besides, it is a should-have electronic floor jack to have because we all just don’t need it when we need it until we need one of it. Package includes everything that you need including a power cord as well. That sums it up for everything as the product comes as a combo.

Key Features:

  • Has a loading capacity of 6 tons
  • Able to lift 6-17 inches
  • Doubled safety guaranteed by the company
  • Good electronic floor jack to have
  • Come with tool kit as a combo

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7. MotorMan


MotorMan is a motorized electronic floor jack for all of us. The product does three tasks at one hand including being an inflator pump, an impact wrench and an electric jack. It has a great loading capacity of 6600 pounds. Furthermore, Motorman as an electronic floor jack can lift vehicles from 4.72 inches to 16.53 inches that is an acceptable range for users to do all types of jobs including changing tires and basic maintenance.

We recommend that you use it only on flat ground as the product design is not designed for uneven terrains. Additionally, the combo tool kit can inflate your tires as well as mentioned. It can inflate 35 liters of air per minute with it. The whole combo kit comes fully equipped that makes everything ready at your hands. Users can do your tasks with a knowledge that everything you need for basic repairs and maintenance is here and there for you.

Key Features:

  • 3 functions such as pump, wrench & jack
  • With a loading capacity of 6600 pounds
  • Lifting range 4.72 inches-16.53 inches
  • Inflation speed: 35L per minute
  • Suitable only with flat terrain

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ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack

ROGTZ is great too as it can lift 3 tons of cars or vehicles within only 2 minutes. The fast speed makes it possible and flexible for repairs, maintenance and changing tires. In fact, it takes only five seconds to lift while the product will take 2 minutes to lift up to a maximum height of 16.5 inches. Furthermore, it applies with your basic battery standard of 12 volts. It keeps things easy because you can put the electronic floor jack at the behind of your cars and feel safe knowing you have all it takes to fix your vehicles.

Moreover, the tool kit comes as a combo. It has everything you need to maintain a car. It even has a featured flashlight for you to work on your vehicles at nighttime as well. With all these reasons, the electronic floor jack is from good to great.

Key Features:

  • Lifting capacity: 3 tons
  • Lifting speed: 2 minutes for 16.5 inches
  • Fast lifting: 5 seconds
  • Applies with 12V outlets
  • Flashlight for nighttime uses

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5. MarchInn

MarchInn 12V DC

MarchInn makes a convenient electronic floor jack. We know it’s a convenient and easy to use floor jack not without specific reasons. First, it works well with 12V outlets that are available with almost all types of cars. Furthermore, the loading capacity is three tons, which is a fairly acceptable loading capacity for an easy-to-go electronic floor jack like MarchInn. What’s more, it’s perfect to change tires with the floor jack.

The product serves us well when it can also do many tasks with one same tool kit. That includes wrenching, pumping and jacking. The whole structure is stable and promised by the company. It keeps us safe, and there should be no fear when you are lifting your cars with the electronic floor jack.

Key Features:

  • Applies with 12V outlets
  • A loading capacity of 3 tons
  • Good with changing tires
  • Come as a combo
  • 3 functions: wrenching, pumping & jacking
  • Safety: no fear of vehicles falling down

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4. Eambrite


Eambrite makes it well into the list because it is a well-performing floor jack. It can list vehicles as heavy as 4.5 tons. There is a lifting range with Eambrite because the product can lift between 8 inches and 20.2 inches. The range is just good for everything such as changing tires and checking up for any troubleshoots. The product applies with the vehicles’ built-in 12v outlet that is a bonus with the electronic floor jack.

Furthermore, the front has a LED light for you to position yourselves at nighttime. It’s easy to use it at nighttime for whatever jobs you are doing at hand, whether it is changing tires or doing some basic repairing without a need of assistance from a technician. Nonetheless, the product comes alone as a floor jack and doesn’t come as a combo of many tools inside one same kit. Users, as a result, should get some other tools alongside and not rely solely on it for your vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Lifting capacity of 4.5 tons
  • Lifting height from 8 to 20.2 inches
  • Applies with 12v outlets
  • With LED light for nighttime uses
  • A solo floor jack without tool kit

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 E-HEELP Electric Car Floor

E-HEELP has all the sets of electronic floor jack in one single plastic box. It’s easy to store and use when everything is ready at hand inside a pack. For the product part, it has a lifting capacity of five tons that is a fairly huge amount for an electronic floor jack. Additionally, it takes as little as 2 minutes to lift your vehicles so that you can do repairs or change tires with it. Users should know the lifting height is 6.1-17.7 inches.

E-HEELP comes with a Led light that users can change tires or do basic repairs at nighttime with the electronic floor jack. Moreover, it makes sense with your cars’ outlet supplies such as car batteries and cigarette lighters. The floor jack is constructed for your safety. The floor jack will stop automatically when it reaches a height limitation of 17.7 inches. It can work as an inflator pump with a pumping speed of 35 liters per minute. All in all, these qualities are compounding as there are a lot of it that you can see for an electronic floor jack.

Key Features:

  • Lifting capacity: 5 tons
  • Lifting speed: 2 minutes or less
  • Height: 6.1-17.7 inches
  • Good for basic repairs and tire changes
  • Serves as an inflating pumper at 35L/minute

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2. BestEquip

 BestEquip Electric Car Jack

BestEquip has a lifting capacity of 3 tons that is not a huge amount. Thus, it serves as a basic electronic floor jack for your mini cars. If you have a lot of vehicles at your garages, users should choose the floor jack with a five-ton lifting capacity. Other than that, it is made with quality steel. Furthermore, the product is perfect for changing tires.

BestEqup, all in all, is a should-have electronic floor jack to put at the back of your cars or minivans. That’s perfect for a family car, as a result.

Key Features:

  • Loading capacity of 3 tons
  • Construction material of steel
  • Good for cars and mini-vans

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1. GoGoLo

Capacity Electric Hydraulic

GoGoLo makes a compromise because it has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tons. Moreover, it just applies with outlets available at your cars. These are the 12V outlets that are with your car batteries or cigarette lighter. Furthermore, it takes a minute or less for the jack job. Users can change fast tires without having your cars stuck in the middle of the roads.

GoGoLo can work as a wrench or a jack. These are the multifunctional focuses given by the company. Although, these qualities make an averaged electronic floor jack; it is still good as we all just aim at dealing with basic routines such as car checkups and changing tires. That then makes it an excellent electronic floor jack.

Key Features:

  • Has a 3.5-ton lifting capacity
  • Works with 12V outlet (car batteries or cigarette lighters)
  • Speed: a minute or less for jacking
  • Good for changing tires
  • Good for basic tasks such as checkups

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Buying Guide:

A lifting capacity: Users should choose a best quality electronic floor jack with a lifting capacity at least 3 tons. Even though the golden spot is 5 tons; it’s not very important for you to go all for a five-ton lifting capacity because sometimes all you need for your small cars or vans are those floor jacks with the 3 tons capacity. If you have an SUV or other cars that require 5 tons, feel free to go for it.

Lifting Height: A lighting height should be at least 4.72 inches. The goal is for you to check up what’s under there for your vehicles or change the tires. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, we all should go for the electronic floor jack height extender with the height lifting capacity that is suitable for those jobs.


Car owners shouldn’t own only cars, but they should own accessories to maintain or repair your vehicles as well. An electronic floor jack is a good thing to have. Please consider features in the product buying guide and other features from your opinions to make a right judgement over what a good electronic hydraulic floor jack is.