Having new babies is a blessing for families. We all like to capture good memories with the babies. Taking pictures of them is a good way to record a good moment with them. While we all can take casual pictures, having a baby milestone blanket can make picture taking more awesome as a baby milestone blanket records the days or months the babies are growing.

Moreover, mommies can record the months old age of your babies as well. As we all can see the benefits of a baby milestone blanket, we have the top ten best baby milestone blankets with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Baby Milestone Blankets in 2020

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10. Olive+Ivy baby milestone blanket

Olive + Ivy Baby Monthly

Olive+Ivy is made 100% with polyester that is a good material. It can make a sheet mattress for your babies. Furthermore, it makes good blanket for babies too. The product itself is very soft for skins of your babies’. As important as it can be, Olive+Ivy let you capture precious memories of your babies and you with those monthly milestones.

Using the baby milestone blanket to take pictures of your babies with their ages is a thing. Another thing is that we all will get full-satisfaction warranty from the company. Everyone can seek for refunds, on one hand. On the other hand, we can ask for a product’s replacement as well if we see there are problems with the one we all are having.

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9. GreenBaby baby month blanket

GreenBaby Baby Monthly

GreenBaby has Green color that’s very special with it. On the other side of the baby blanket, it’s a milestone baby blanket. As a result, parents can flip from one side to another for your babies. The product itself is an extra-large baby blanket that makes enough room for those babies.

Additionally, GreenBaby is BPA-free. Thus, there is no harm to your newborn or growing babies. You don’t need a baby to buy a milestone baby blanket. As we all can see, we can buy it as a gift for our friends who just have new babies. Lastly, it has a full-satisfaction warranty. We all get full and free replacements whenever we see any problems with the one we are having. Refunds are also possible with the baby milestone blanket too.

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8. Nuture Bird milestone blanket

 Nurture Bird Baby Monthly

We all like Nuture Bird because the product is both soft and breathable. In addition, parents can capture your babies’ growth by months for their first year. Taking picture is cool with the awesomely designed baby milestone blanket. It’s because the months get digitally printed on the baby blanket. Additionally, it has a vibrant color, so babies will like the blanket.

Moreover, the product has a full-satisfaction warranty. That’s a thing. Another important part is that is has all the mountains and clouds image printed on the blanket milestone. Those newborn babies will like the baby blanket more.

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7. Bubzi Co baby milestone

Bubzi Co Baby Monthly

Parents will find favorite in Bubzi Co milestone baby blanket for some reasons. First, it is made with 100% cotton that is good for your babies’ skin. Second, parents will capture good memories with it as you can circle those months your newborn children are growing up to.

Third, the painting beside having months your babies are growing also have a little deer, rabbit, squirrel, and bird. Baby children will like the baby milestone blanket. Fourth and lastly, the company offers parents a full-satisfaction warranty. As a result, we as parents can apply for refunds whenever we don’t like the product. If it doesn’t live to its promise, that’s the reason to ask for replacements and refunds.

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6. Luka & Lily milestone baby blanket

 Luka&Lily Baby Monthly

Luka & Lily is a good baby milestone blanket as there is from month 1 to month 12 for all of us as parents to save those memories. Furthermore, you can take pictures of your growing babies as well. In addition, the baby milestone blanket is huge enough for those babies to lay their backs on.

The product is made with 100% flannel fleece that is good to skin, on one hand. On the other hand, it is a thick baby blanket that your children will like it. Lastly, applying for refunds or replacements is possible. That’s for a lifetime warranty from the company.

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5. SZWICS cute baby blankets

Baby Monthly Milestone

SZWICS gives parents a full-satisfaction warranty for one year. As a result, all parents can get refunds from the company. Moreover, the collection includes six milestone cards. Thus, there is no shortage in milestone cards for all of us to save good memories with babies.

It is a soft product as well. The product does come without any wrinkles, so it’s going to stay without wrinkles for years. Babies will like SZWICS because of its softness. Parents don’t need to care the product turns out to be ugly because it doesn’t make any wrinkles.

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4. Luka baby monthly milestones

 Luka&Lily Baby Monthly

Luka baby milestone blanket is a good product because it is constructed with 100% flannel fleece that is a good and cozy material as a pure blanket for those babies. Moreover, there is a month from January to December, so there are 12 months in a total. Those 12 months are good for your babies to save those good memories with you. Parents can take good pictures with their babies and Lika baby milestone blanket.

The product has a lifetime warranty with it. Please feel free to ask for replacements when you see any production errors. Furthermore, the company that offers Luka is giving an excellent customer service as well.

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3. Kiddy 12 month baby milestone

Kiddy Bliss Baby Monthly

Kiddy is 100% made with polyester that is another good material for baby blanket. It has unicorn and rainbow along side the month 1 to 12 painting on the baby milestone blanket. That’s a thing. There is another thing with it as well. It is fade-resistant with the color painting, on one hand.

On the other hand, the product is fast-drying when you are washing it. We suggest you wash the baby blanket by hands. The product is wrinkle-resistant. We encourage all of us to apply for refunds when our babies don’t like this baby milestone blanket.

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2. Han-MM newborn milestone chart

HAN-MM Baby Monthly

Han-MM baby milestone blanket is the favorite of you and your babies for some reasons. The product is good and can be useful even when your babies are growing in ages, and they are as old as 3 years old. There’s another thing, nevertheless. The baby milestone blanket for girls is easy to clean. It is safe with both washing by hand and a washing machine. Nonetheless, it requires a washing with cold water and not wash with clothes of a dark color.

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1. Pamperous baby blankets for boys

Pamperous Baby Monthly

You find favorite with Pamperous baby milestone blanket for some reasons. It is constructed with a premium fabric that is both thick and soft. The fabric is Fleece fabric. Furthermore, there is no harmful affects to your babies as they are enjoying Pamperous baby milestone blanket.

Furthermore, there is a month 1 to month 12 that you can read. Lastly, the product offers an excellent customer service from the company that is offering it as well.

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A baby milestone blanket can make a good, soft and thick blanket for your newborn babies. It’s easy to take good pictures of your babies as they are growing as well. A good baby milestone blanket for a boy and girl should have good construction material as well as cool and awesome painting with it.