Whether for an industrial and personal usage, you might need to strip wire for the metal inside for further usages because you do not want to waste the metal if you have a lot of wires for stripping. Users can strip wire manually, but that’s only doable for a small amount of wire. Furthermore, some wires are thick with their covered layers. That’s when automatic wire stripping machines can come in handy. Meanwhile, we would like to introduce you to the top ten best automatic wire stripping machines along with a buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Automatic Wire Stripping Machines in 2020

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10. Steel wire stripping machine

Steel Dragon Tools WRA15

You will like the wire stripping process with the assistance from this machine. There are some advantages. First, users can mount it with a workstation, table or bench. This is helpful because you do not need to think about what types of working spaces you are having to choose Steel, on one hand. On the other hand, we can connect to what we already have a drill for an easy stripping of wire.

It can strip wires from 0.15 inch to 1 inch, that gives us a big room for flexible usage. It makes us strip wire fast and smooth, so it is good for a huge amount of wires.

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9. Meister wire stripping tool

StripMeister Automatic

We use Meister wire striping motor for industries because it is fast and efficient. With this one, you will be able to strip wires very fast with drilling. It strips wire so fast and faster than what you expected in a normal stripping process. Furthermore, you will strip wire of all sizes. That’s the exact industrial purpose of it.

The unit allows you to strip wires from 18 gauges to 250 MCM, that further includes stranded and ROMEX wires. Thus, it is offering a huge range of wires for it an ability to strip for metal. Additionally, it is constructed with top-quality materials for long-lasting usages. Lastly, there is a blade inside the collection.

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8. Home wire stripper tool

 WBHome Automatic

Users prefer this wire striping machine because it can strip 60 feet of wires per minute, that is a fast speed for industrial use. You will enjoy the process because of the powerful 180-watt motor. Over time, the motor does not lose its quality. Although, it slows down; the 180-watt motor can still maintain its power for most part. The unit is user-friendly as well.

We all can adjust the unit’s blades to strip thick wires. Furthermore, it is constructed with solid aluminum, that users love to have because of durability. Lastly, the machine weighs 30 pounds.

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7. Bluerock automatic wire stripper

BLUEROCK Tools Model

We all have an impression Bluerock is a heavy-duty wire stripping motor. It is true because you will strip wire from 18AWG to 1”OD with it. Bluerock can cut thick covers and strip wires because it has 9 blades. The speed for cutting is 75 feet per minute, that is an unusual speed. Moreover, you can strip either NM cables or flat wires.

This is helpful as users get options for stripping wires. You do not need to think twice whether the stripping machine can strip one type of wires or another.

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6. Trading mechanical wire stripping machines

9TRADING Electric Comercial

This  machine has a 370-watt motor. You are powerful with Trading wire stripping motor as it can cut through almost all thick layered covers of those wires. Suitable wires can range from 0.06 to 1.5 inches in diameter. The cover is constructed with aluminum alloy. Users should expect Trading to be long-lasting and rust-proofed with the aluminum alloy material. It is thus good for professional usage or long-term use.

You will like the blades when they can cut and strip 60 feet of wire per minute. Lastly, it weighs 83 pounds. Although, it is not very lightweight; you should expect that you can move it around when you are needing to do so.

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5. Coz automatic wire stripper

CO-Z Upgraded Automatic

We all trust Coz because it is constructed with aluminum alloy that is a long-lasting material. It is also because the material is flexible with different working temperatures, so users can place Coz anywhere at your workspaces if it keeps things easy. We like to operate coz because of its electric cranks that run automatically. You can adjust its rollers and blades for varied types of wires. You can strip wires from 0.06 inch to 1 inch for metal with it.

Besides, the machine allows us to strip wire fast with 65 feet of wires per minute. Users should have no worry of its light weight, that it is not a heavy-duty wire stripping machine. As mentioned, it is constructed with aluminum alloy that is a solid material in the industry.

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4. HCW wire stripper machine

HCW Automatic Wire Stripping

You will like to mount this iHCW wire stripping machine to a workstation, table or bench. In fact, it is not a picky motor for where it should be. Furthermore, you like it because you can choose one way or another to mount the wire stripping machine such as holding it by a vise, bolting down on a bench or clamping it on a bench corner.

Users will find HCW interesting when they want to strip wires from 0.12 inch to 1 inch, so you might have the types of wires in mind for choosing it. The product is also user-friendly. We can change blade fast, that makes it flexible to strip different diameters of wires.

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3. SST electric wire stripper

SST Industrial Wire Stripping

SST wire stripping machine has steel blade. It can cut and strip thousand feet of wires without losing its sharpness and solidity. That blade can cut and strip wires precisely as we all wish. We all like SST because it is constructed with an industrial-graded metal material.

You will use SST for years to come. For your peace of mind, you will get a three-year warranty from the company for either production failures or damages while you are using it.

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2. Happybuy cable stripping tool

Happybuy Wire Stripping

We find this unit an impressive wire stripping machine because it can strip many different types of wires from 1/13 inches to 5/3 inches OD, that we do not need to think for a second time whether the wire stripping motor matches with those wires we wish to strip.

Users should know there are 9 stripping channels, so anytime you want to strip another type of wires, you need to change its channel. You can strip wire for metal with 75 feet per minute. We all use Happybuy professionally when there are a lot of wires to strip for metal.

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1. Motorize stripping machines

CO-Z Automatic Motorized

This motorized wire stripping machine is constructed with aluminum alloy. It is a solid material that can keep Motorize high-performance for years and decades. Even the wire stripping machine is to get placed in a tough environment such as that with a high temperature or humidity, it remains solid and is rust-proof.

You will operate the motor easily, thanks to both rollers and blades that we all will adjust to strip different types of wires from 0.06 inches to 0.98 inches. It can strip wires 50 feet per minute. Lastly, it has a weight of 33 pounds, that is lightweight for us to move the wire stripping machine around.

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Buying Guide

Construction Material: When you are choosing a wire stripping machine, you are choosing its material because good material makes a machine lasting. You should choose aluminum alloy or good metal because they are solid and rust-proof.

Speed: You should expect to have a wire stripping machine from a medium to a high speed. For household usages, we all can just go with a medium-speed wire stripping motor. On the other hand, we should strive for a high-speed wire stripping machine for industrial uses.

Diameters of Wires: You should think whether the types of wires you want to strip for metal match with the machine. Some machines can match almost all types of wires. There is no way to know beside giving a great attention to the diameters that a wire stripping motor can strip for metal.

Blade: Blade should be sharp and solid because a wire stripping motor can strip wires fast only with strong, sharp and solid blade. Furthermore, top-graded blade keeps a machine its high performance for decades.

Flexibility: You should wish the wire stripping machine to be adaptive to our workspace, that means we can move it around and place it anywhere we wish for.

Weight: Weights have their own standard because some wire stripping machines can measure their qualities with their weights as they are heavy-duty machines.

Warranty: We should choose the product with a warranty when we are not sure. Even when we are so sure, please consider a warranty as an important feature for a wire stripping motor.


A wire stripping machine helps us to strip wires fast because some machines can strip 60 or 70 feet of wires per minute. You all should choose high-quality wire stripping machine automatic, nonetheless. We should know our purpose whether it is for household, semi-industrial or industrial uses. Lastly, we should pay attention to the construction material, speed, diameters a machine can strip the wires, blade, flexibility, weight and warranty for a quality wire stripping machine. These are all the qualities in the article’s buying guide.