Charging your iWatch can be a pain since it can be disconnected from the charger anytime. But with charger that attached to the stand which help prevent you from all the problems you will face with non-stand charger. So, here are the 10 best charging docks you can find:

List Of Top 10 Best Apple Watch Stand with Charging Docks in 2020

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10. iQ mag

Metal Wireless Charging

This wireless charging station allows you to access the 2in1 charger dock. The charger is high-quality and fast charging. It is capable with all kind of models. You can charge both your phone and watch at the same time. For the phone dock, you can charge phone that are not Apple too. It works with Samsung as well however you might need some adjustments in setting of your battery. The advanced technology that attached to the charger can prevent your phone or watch from heating up during charging. It is recommended that you remove all type of metal and aluminum near the charger before using the charger.

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9. Intoval

 Intoval Wireless Charger

This is a 3in1 wireless charger that can charge your phone, watch and Airpod at the same time. It is fast charging with innovative technology which provides heat control and surge protection. It works with all kind of iPhone products but make sure they are updated to the latest version. You can also charge Samsung phone with this wireless charger. It can be placed horizontally or vertically. The purchase comes with 360 days refund and lifetime customer service.

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8. Belkin

Belkin Boost Up Wireless

This is also a 3in1 charger but there a bit of twist to it. You can charge your phone or watch normally but they added another port which allow you to charge iPad or power bank. The another is not wireless so you can add any type of wire charger you need. It can be considered as the fastest iPhone charger because it refuels at 7.5 watts. As for the apple watch you can access to the night mode program with no worry. You can use the stand to set the watch as your alarm clock.

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Wireless Charger

This is a 4in1 wireless charger you can find. It is capable with all latest iPhone products and some Samsung phones too. The charging process is smooth and fast. You can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. There are 2 stands for phone one for iWatch and another one for Airpod. They also add an apple pen station for you as well. The charger stand is sturdy and long-lasting. The product comes with a 1-year insurance and lifetime customer service.

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6. erwubala

Compatible with Apple

This charging stand does not give you a lot of stands however it does include multiple USB charging port. The stand can hold 1 phone and a watch. They also make it for carrying the card if you are using it in the office. The whole stand is made out of bamboo 100 percent which is sustainable and low-carbon. As for the charging, system it is fast and capable with all kinds of wires. The purchase gives you the ultimate lifetime warranty.

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5. Seneo

Wireless Charger

If you like small and space saving charging, then it is the best option for you. The wireless charger is a 2in1 charging pad which allow you to charge one phone and one apple watch. It is fast charging for apple products but you can use it with other products that can be charge wireless. They also attached the safety protection system in the charger to prevent over-heating and temperature control. It is small and slim which can be fitted on your desk or simply small spaces. It is perfect for gifting as well. There is also a night stand mode which allow you to identified the charging condition of you phone. The pads are made of anti-slip silicon which hold your products in place all day and night when you are placing those on the charger. The bottom of the charger has a storage space for wire cable if you are travelling.

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4. Macally

Macally Stand for iWatch

This product is made solely for iwatch or similar products as iwatch. It works as a night stand while charging your watch. This made you feel less worry of your watch not charging probably. The stand is sturdy and strong. The charging capability is fast and safe. The grip on the stand is made of anti-slip rubber. The whole product is sleek and slim easy to carry around when you are travelling or for office uses. The cable management is also perfect since they hide the cable from plain sight there will be no tangle and bending to the wire.

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OLEBR 3 in 1 Charging

It is designed for 3in1 wire charging stand. It is made of sturdy and long-lasting material. It can hold one phone, 1 watch and an airpod. It works great for multi-charging and the power source is fast and powerful. The stands have holes beneath them so you will not have any problem with the wires tangle up together. The wire management system is neat and organized. The silicon tray is anti-slip and scratch free. It works best with apple products but some other brands can also fit with the stands. The whole product is easy to assemble you have ask for service or DIY.

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2. YoFeW

YoFeW Charging

This is one of the 4in1 type of charging stands but it is not wireless. You just need to set up your charging station as instructed and ready to go. Beneath the stands, there are holes for inserting and placing your products neatly and organized. The construction on the grip is anti-slip and durable. The stands work just fine with or without the case on you can charge freely with no worry. You will get lifetime technical support when you purchase the product.

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 UGREEN Stand for Apple

This is a charging stand for your apple watch. The stand is built with high-quality material that surely will last you a lifetime. The soft rubber attached to the grip will hold your watch in place through out the charging progress and there will be no scratching on your watch. The wireless charging stand will give you the best stress-free cable management and the fastest charging time you can find. The product is light and slim easy for travelling and packing. There is a 2-year warranty when you buy the product.

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Buying guide:

Above are the top 10 best apple watch stands in 2019. After you have seen some of those, it is time for you to know some of the best tips in finding the best apple watch stand.


There are quite a few unique features you can get from each brand. Some offers you the wireless type while the others give you the wire option. The stand either flat on the pad or high up for easier control. Most of them can charge fast but some comes with better protection on the product.

Additional attachment:

Some stands give your more space although it is a stand for your watch. There are few cables port for phone and airpod as well. Some might come with multiple USB ports for additional uses. The whole product might include cable storage beneath the charging pads while others do not.