No matter you are now staying in the bedroom or travelling to a wonderful place, you definitely do not want to make the moment silent and fill with nothing but the wind sound from the surrounding. Instead, you may want to hear your favorite song to make your day even more exciting and enjoyable. Therefore, you absolutely want to bring an airplay speaker with you.

If you have never bought one, do not worry. Our team has conducted a detailed research on the subject, and we have come up with this article to provide the reviews for the top ten best airplay speakers on the market. At the end of this article, you will also find out about a little buying guide section which will guide you through the main features of the best airplay speaker.

List Of Top 10 Best Airplay Speakers in 2020

10.TIC WPS6-B 6.5”


With this airplay speaker from TIC, users can enjoy the music up to the best according to the way they prefer. They can enjoy with either 1 room or 2 rooms. It is compatible with airplay from Apple devices. However, to operate the music, users have to download free app for streaming via Wi-Fi.

The speaker I equipped with 180 degrees of multi mounting system to offer the most flexible installation. It comes with the driver design, which includes 6.5” woofer as well as 1” tweeter. With 80W power, the speaker aims to provide the greatest sound effect.

The exterior of the speaker features ABS impacts. It is also resistant to all types of harsh weather conditions, including the toughest heat, acid rain and the cold weather.

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9. RIVERSONG Airplay Receiver

RIVERSONG Airplay Receiver

If you encounter the fact that your music style is different from everyone else in the house, this speaker is there to help you stream different music for different rooms. You can also choose the play the same song for the whole family. The speaker’s system supports airplay, DLNA and UPnP. However, it does not support airplay 2.

The speaker features built-in sensors to enhance your listening experience. The speaker enables users to set it up easily. Users only have to follow the software updates to get new features updated for their smarter devices. It aims to offer the simplest multi-room operation system in the world. Moreover, users can combine two rooms to make the voice even louder and deeper.

The operation of the controlling app is also simple. Users can simply download the app and press the WPS key to activate. Then, wifi password is required, and within 30 seconds, the music streaming will start.

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8. RCA RAS1863P

RCA RAS1863P Wireless

Among the airplay speakers portable, this speaker is known to be portable in size and convenient to carry. It is equipped with advanced technology system to work with airplay from Apple devices to play music or stream audio. Just simply connecting the same wifi network, it will automatically play. Also, users can use a USB output for charging the device while playing.

It comes with a powerful 10W of output power, which is enough for users to fill the music in the whole room with crystal bright and clear sound. It also includes digital FM radio and Ac operation. In addition, the range of the speaker allows users to play as far as the wifi connection goes. Last but not least, users enjoy the audio streaming from many speakers at the same time without any inconvenience.

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7. Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play 5

With this airplay speaker outdoor, users can enjoy the vibrant and clear sound from distances with simply controlling the Sonos app. It can also work well indoor to provide a wonderful night with favorite music through airplay on Apple devices. The construction of the speaker allows it to reduce reverb as well as eco, and it is designed with 3 custom woofers. The speaker can adjust itself to mono for stereo separation.

In addition, the speaker enables users to work with the link to link to the phone of a friend’s with the 3.5 millimeter jack. For the Ethernet port, it comes with a 10/100 Mbps. it will directly connect to the router for the operation in case the wifi signal is low and unstable.

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6. GGMM Airplay MFi Certified Speaker

Apple Airplay

The speaker from GGMM is known to be a Kevlar speaker, which integrates Wolfson DAC technology to eliminate any sound distortion. The speaker comes with multiple rooms, which enable users to link to the maximum of 6 speakers. For each speaker, the left and right channels are both streaming in order to make a surround sound.

In addition, there are switches to change the audio sources, therefore, users can connect up to 16 devices without having to log out one by one. The speaker is powered by rechargeable battery, which is 40 watts of output at the maximum of 8 hours streaming time. Users can connect the device with the speaker via the same Wi-Fi, router or Bluetooth. It supports music app, such as iTunes and Pandora.

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5. Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker

The speaker is available in 2 classic yet stylish colors: black and silver. With this only one speaker, users can let the clear vibrant sound fill the room with stereo from the walls to create surround sound. It features voice assistant, such as Alexa, to prevent any noise rejecting. Also, it works well with WiFi, airplay 2 or Bluetooth in order to make the streaming available whenever and wherever possible. Therefore, user can play the music or audio from phones, tablets and computers.

It also features 8 microphone array for the users to enjoy the loud and vibrant music. Last but not least, the control of the airplay is very easy. Users can choose between 3 settings to control and operate. They can use voice, panel controls on the top and Bose app. It can also work with other speakers from Bose to activate multi-room listening..

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4. Sonos – Playbar Soundbar Wireless Speaker

Sonos - Playbar

The sound bar is mountable, and it is suitable for movies, music and audio. Users can make their day beautiful with the impress bass with the sound from the wall. To control the airplay speaker, users have the choice to use the Sonos app or work with the remote control. If you place it under the TV, the playbar will control its sound to provide the best quality. Moreover, the engineers have made this speaker especially to make emphasis on human’s sound.

Users can use the speakers from Sonos for multi-room music playing. As long as it shares the same wifi, all the rooms in your house will fill with the same music. The installation and set-up of this speaker is pretty simple. After unboxing, users can start to operate it and finish with beautiful music within minutes. Last but not least, the remote detection is automatic at the first time usage.

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3. Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It is available in 2 colors: black and blue. It is known to be the “best budget” speaker in 2018, according to CMGA. The speaker is equipped with dual driver to enable the bass to deliver 360 degrees sound quality, or in other words, the surround sound. Therefore, it is suitable for stage as well as part. The bass technology is enhanced with more frequencies to allow the signal to create greater sound effect.

In addition, it comes with 5 modes of customization for different environment settings as well as your current mood and preferences. Users can create the connections between 2 speakers through Bluetooth to activate the boost mode. Last but not least, the speaker is designed to be waterproof, which is ideal for pool parties. This airplay speaker outdoor aims to offer users with the greatest experience with music.

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2. GGMM Portable Speaker Airplay Wi-Fi Speaker

Portable Speaker AirPlay

The airplay speaker is able to make direct connections with the Wi-Fi for network access. Therefore, users can stream the music online. It also allows switches for users to connect up to 16 devices without any inconvenience. In fact, it works well with the wifi at the maximum distance of 160 feet. However, it is worth noticing that this speaker only works with 2.4G wifi, but not 5G.

Also, this speaker does not only work well for music, but also enable users to enjoy hand free call as well as louder time and alarm. Users can have their conversation directly with the speaker without having to take out the phone. Users can also choose the use the speakers for the family as a whole. The same music can be played on up to 10 speakers without any errors or obstacles.

The design aims to fit in with all types of decorations. It is portable and compact, at only 1.5 inches thick. The speaker includes premium battery, which enables users to enjoy the beauty of the music up to 15 hours with peace of mind.

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1. Arylic WiFi and Bluetooth STA326

WiFi & Bluetooth STA326

As the best airplay speaker among the top ten list here, this model of airplay speaker from Arylic is highly recommended and praised by the customers. Most of the reviews indicate that it is worth up to 5 stars, and overall, it gets up to 3.5 out of 5 star ratings.

This airplay speaker allows users to stream music at the same time with the existing speakers in the house. It includes built-in amplifier for users to pair to make massive and vibrant music all over the house. Users can play the same music for everyone in different rooms just simply from the operation on phones or tablets. This airplay speaker supports all kinds of system, including from Apple and Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The speaker also enables streaming via Bluetooth. It enables users to stream from all sources that are unable to operate with Wifi connection. This airplay speaker also features HQ sound, which is powerful enough to deliver 80W per channel with 4 ohms. Also, it can be used with internal DAC to support up to 24bit 192 kHz for the rate to deliver the most qualified sound through the speaker.

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Buying Guide: Airplay Speakers

No matter what, the quality of an airplay speaker is not equal. Some are designed to maximize the entertainment, while others only look for buyers to maximize profits. Therefore, before making the purchase, users should carefully evaluate the following criteria which determines the best air play speaker:

Functions: the great one allows users to operate the music playing for multi rooms at the same time. This allows the whole family to enjoy the same music to strengthen the bond.

Connections: users should look for whether it can connect the phones or tablets with the speaker via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other paths. The best speaker may allow connections from up to 16 devices.

Operation:  the most advanced technology allows users to operate the speaker with 3 different ways: app control, remote control and control panels on the top of the speaker.

Surround sound: it indicates that the quality of sound is maximized to its best. It makes the users to feel just like they are bathing in the middle of the music ocean.

Batteries: users may not want to charge the speaker frequently, therefore, the best one aims to provide the music playing time up to 10 hours to satisfy the demand of the user.


To sum up, the article has provided the reviews for the top ten best airplay speakers for you to preview and consider for making the purchase. With a great airplay speaker, you can enjoy the attractiveness of the music at any time and any places. It does not only provide high quality sound but also offer the greatest experience with audio streaming. If you have made up your mind, please do not hesitate to go ahead and make the purchase. The earlier you buy, the earlier you can enjoy the music.