Many households have switched from using irons to steamers as it is easier to use and lighter than irons. Besides that, irons are also space consuming as they need to be used together with the ironing board. Steamers can have up to 7 functions and it is also portable for travelling. However, before swapping for a steamer, you need to know what kind of steamer that works best for you. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 8 best 7-in-1 steamers that are very effective in removing wrinkle from your fabrics.

List Of Top 8 Best 7-in-1 Steamers in 2020

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8. Kimryde

 Kimryde Portable Steamer

You will no longer have to worry about having wrinkles on your cloth when you are on a long business trip if you have this 7-in-1 steamer from Kimryde as it is a portable steamer that you can bring anywhere with you. It was invented with the latest technology to produce an intelligent vertical function that can distribute even heat temperature with a consistent flow to the fabric. This function and consistency are very important in sterilizing and humidifying your fabric making it very comfortable to wear.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 150 ML that can support up to 10 minutes of operation and it is suitable for use with all kinds of fabric and outfits such as clothing, beddings, and curtains. For the operation, this steamer is very compact and easy to handle making it a perfect steamer for both home and office use. In order to increase its voltage, you can simply use the transformer that comes inside its package. This product was certified as safe for use as it is equipment auto shut-off when it gets too heated or it detects low water level. The package also includes a protective glove and 30 days worry-free guarantee.

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7. JSD Steamer

JSD Steamer for Clothes

JSD Steamer is another popular 7-in-1 garment steamer used by most households. It comes with an exceptional look and even better performance than the previous model. The thoughtful design of its nozzle is for the purpose of making it efficient in removing wrinkles by giving an even amount of heat to the fabric. The heat that comes from the nozzle is so powerful that it is able to remove all stubborn wrinkles from your cloth making you look well presented at the workplace. The small size of the steamer is designed for the convenience in travelling which is easy for you to put in your luggage when you are on the go.

Additionally, it has a big tank capacity of up to 150ml making it ideal for both domestic use and travelling. This steamer gets heated very fast, so you do not have to wait long after pressing the start button and it also can support up to 10 minutes of continuous use. On top of that, it is designed with a safety function that will turn the machine off automatically if it detects low water level or when it gets too heated. Be noted that you will need to use a voltage converter and plug in the adapter when you are using the travel steamer mode with 220v outlets. With the purchase, you will be satisfied with the exceptional services provided by the product.

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6. Asani

Handheld Steamer

This handheld steamer is the product of Asani which is one of the most popular brands for steamers. If your steamer takes so long in removing the crease or it keeps running out of water after a short use, then it is time to replace your old steamer with this portable steamer from Asani. It is very efficient in eliminating the stubborn creases as it has a well-designed nozzle to distribute the heat to the garment powerfully and evenly with a big water tank capacity of up to 140ml that you can use continuously for 10 minutes before needing to refill the water.

The operation is also great as it can heat up pretty fast and save you a lot of time when you are running late. This steamer is incredibly lightweight and small that can fit perfectly in your luggage to help you look neat and professional when you travel. It is designed with safety in mind by automated shutting off function when the machine detects low water level or when it gets too hot. You are also provided with warranty after purchasing the product.

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5. Secura

Secura Garment Steamer

This powerful garment steamer is the product of Secura. It has a very modern design with a white and light blue color, the handle is curved to make it easier for your grip. It gets heated 4 times faster than other regular steamers which is very time efficient for your daily use. The water tank has the capacity of 8oz which reduces the need to refill. Even better, this comes with a detachable brush that you can have the option to put on the brush head in order to give you more steaming options. It has a simple operation and can be used with all kinds of fabrics no matter if it is silk, cotton, nylon, wool, or polyester. After use, this steamer will leave your garment feel soft, sanitized and help to remove bad odor.

The small size of the steamer makes it easier for your travelling purposes and does not consume much storage space. The brand also guarantees your safety as it is equipped with an auto shut-off system when it is overheated or running out of water. With the purchase, you are also backed by a 2 years warranty to give you a peace of mind.

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4. PurSteam World’s Best Steamers

 Steamer for Clothes

This is another incredible invention of PurSteam. This steamer is an updated model with new and improved functions. You can remove those stubborn creases with ease as the spout was designed to distribute an even amount of heat to the fabric. It also comes with a long power cord that not only can handle more current but also easy to reach anywhere in your house. In addition, the safe water tank was constructed to reduce the risk of getting burned by the hot water.  The portable size makes it an ideal steamer for vacations or business trips to keep your clothes neat and delicate.

Additionally, this streamer is proven to be safe for use with all kinds of fabric such as nylon, cotton, and other embroidery. The brand guarantees you a quality product and offers a warranty up to 3 years, so you do not have to worry after purchasing.

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 URPOWER Updated

Here we have a superior quality steamer from URPOWER. If you are looking for a steamer with a big tank capacity, we recommend this model as it can store up to 180ml of water which reduces the need to refill. In addition, it also gets heated very fast so it will help you to save a lot of your daily preparation time. It has super high performance and can remove the crease in a blink of an eye.

The lightweight design also makes it easy to bring it from place to place.  For this convenience, it was used by most of the cloth shop owners in their businesses.  The package also comes with gloves to protect your hand from heat when handling and also a carrying pouch that you can use to store the steamer and its cord when you are on the go.

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2. iSteam

iSteam Steamer

iSteam presents you with another powerful 7-in-1 handheld steamer. It was upgraded using the latest iron steaming tech that allows the dry nozzle to emit consistent heat flow that is very efficient in soothing and treating the crease on the garment in a short time. It can offer multiple functions such as steaming, sterilizing, humidifying and defrost. Additionally, the product follows a strict manual to ensure safety of the user by implementing a smart shut off feature in the steamer allowing it to detect and cut off the electricity automatically when the water level gets low or when it is overheated.

Aside from the big capacity, the steamer is very effective in removing the wrinkles from your clothes.

This is especially convenient when you are on the go as it has a small size that you can bring with you to your travel destinations. Beside for home use and travel purposes this steamer can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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1. Deerma

Deerma Travel Garment

If you are looking for a high-end aluminum steamer, we recommend this set from Deerma. The design of this steamer really made it stand out from other steamers as it was constructed with a foldable handle to save the storage space. Even more efficient, this steamer can heat up within only 10 seconds and can provide up to 800W of heat power.

Adding to that, the nozzle was designed to distribute consistent heat which is a very powerful function in removing stubborn wrinkles. The 100ml water tank is equipped on top of the steamer which means it requires less effort when handling. Moreover, it was designed with long-distance rotatable steam to prevent leaving water marks on your cloth. With this steamer you can steam iron all angles ranging from 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees.

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Choosing a steamer for daily use could be quite stressful for fear that it could damage your precious clothes. For this reason, we have walked you through some popular steamers in the market and its function so you can get the idea of which steamer you should purchase for your household.