Monitors should be an equipment that fits comfortably anywhere. This great display should be affordable and can be used for a home entertainment purpose and works great as your PlayStation or office purpose. This article will give you top 10 best 32-inch monitors that got many satisfied feedbacks and highly recommend from their customers because of their practicality and functionality.

List Of Top 10 Best 32-inch Monitors in 2020

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10. Samsung 32-inch Monitors (Curved LED)

Samsung 32-inch Curved LED

This Samsung monitor gives you a great immersive viewing experience. This curved monitor has a super slim design with a measurement of less than 0.5 inch. This monitor is 28.5 x 20.6 x 9.8 inches with the provided stand, and if you don’t put it on a stand, the measurement of this monitor is 28.5 x 16.9 x 3.7 inches. It will be suitable for both home and office use, making it a modern addition to your collection. This monitor provides an HD image and contrast ratio, so you can enjoy a new gaming experience in an incredible way.

This big screen monitor delivers a stunning panoramic view to enhance your gaming experience, making it the best 32 inch monitor for gaming. The brightness of this monitor will automatically adjust, allowing you to save a lot of energy. It consumes very little electricity. If you keep it standby, it will only consume about 0.3 Watt.

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9. Acer EB321HQ Awi 32-inch Monitors

 Acer EB321HQ Awi 32

This Acer white color monitor produces a brilliant full HD picture quality because of its widescreen display. The shape is also very stylish. You will clearly see excellent details and premium colors performance. This monitor comes with a VGA cable as well as the HDMI and VGA port. It has a super-fast response time, only 4 ms. The contrast ratio allows you to enjoy every moment spent with this monitor.

The wide view angle technology will allow you to sit and view the screen in any angle without worrying that the colors or brightness of the screen will differ from different angles. This monitor is also very good for your eyes because the screen does not have a flickering problem. Another good thing is that your eyes will be protected from background light reflections as well as blue light.

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8. Sceptre 32-inch Monitors (QHD 1440p)

Sceptre 32

This high-definition LED monitor has a measurement size with a stand of 29.08″ x 20.37″ x 8.69″ inches and without a stand of 29.08″ x 17.14″ x 2.36″ inches. It is one of the best 32 inch monitors that will give you an exceptional viewing definition. In addition, this monitor makes your gaming sessions more enjoyable because it can be refreshed quickly and has a quick response time. Furthermore, there are also 2 HDMI ports and a headphone input jack in case you are in a place that requires you to be quiet.

This monitor has built-in speakers so you can comfortably have a conference call, playing games, or watching action movies. No matter what option you choose, you can enjoy the display that delivers a transcendent color. This monitor will be very pleasant to your eyes because it adapted the latest technology that will reduce the blue light. Not to mention, this monitor has a tiltable display that can tilt backward and forward.

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7. Dell D Series LED-Lit Monitor 31.5″

 Dell D Series LED

With this Dell monitor, it will be a nice upgrade to your collection. The stand and a monitor got a great color combination. You will see the great mixture of black and white color from this monitor. The screen size of this monitor is 31.5 inches. You will be very impressed because of its efficient features that have a good contrast ratio, vibrant colors, and color accuracy. If you buy this monitor, it will come with a set including a stand, power and VGA cable, set-up manual as well as safety guide, and more.

This monitor performs wonderfully compared to its great price for its functionality and practicality. It will be the best display that helps to mitigate eye fatigue, allowing you to watch streaming movies or videos on YouTube. The blurring trouble is also reduced, producing a smoother standard image for you with less distraction.

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6. Dell S Series Led-Lit 32-inch Monitors Black (S3219D)

 Dell S Series Led

This black Dell excellent monitor can work very efficiently. We definitely recommend this monitor because its graphic looks amazing and the colors are nice. This monitor will definitely be worth your money. It comes with a built in dual 5W speakers, making everything a life-like sound. In addition, it also has a wide viewing angle allowing you to comfortably sit anywhere, and you can easily tilt the screen of this monitor. This monitor produces greater cinematic experiences suitable for both gaming or office use. Since this monitor is flicker-free and reduces harmful blue light, you won’t be concerned that spending too much time with this monitor will damage your eyesight.

Furthermore, this monitor allows you to use different types of ports and slots such as HDMI port, USB upstream and downstream ports, charging port, and more. We are certain that you will be happy with the purchase.

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5. HP 2Ud96Aa#Aba 32-Inch Monitors

HP 2Ud96Aa

This 32-inches monitor is in black mixed with silver color, making this monitor gorgeous and stand out. The screen is ultra-wide, clear, and can be tilted to your preferable position. The image quality is very clear with a vibrant color because of the dynamic contrast ratio, making everything become realistic. This monitor is affordable, and you will see a big difference if you compared it to other monitors. You will also be pleasantly surprised with the fast response time to only 5mS.

The sound of this monitor is great and you don’t have to buy extra speakers because this monitor already has integrated speakers. This monitor also comes with a VGA, HDMI port and more. It is also designed with an environmentally friendly thought because it promotes energy efficiency as well as containing a chemical hazard free.

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4. Philips Computer Monitors 328E9QJAB

Philips Computer Monitors

This 32-inch display is beautiful with a full HD quality. This curved frameless monitor displays a wide-viewing, delivers an alive image for audiences. The incredible contrast makes the graphics sharp and clear with a very vibrant and stunning color with detailed color images. You can also enjoy the sound quality of its built-in speakers. For the sound system, this monitor comes with an audio in and out connectivity. We guarantee that both the sound and images are exactly as described.

The Low Blue mode and Flicker-Free technology will regulate brightness that won’t tire your eyes. It designs for a professional use such as gaming, photoshop, and graphic design, which will become an   important part of your everyday activities. This monitor also has a fast response time, only about 5ms. Another plus of this monitor is that it has VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

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3. Samsung SD850 32″ WQHD (2560×1440)

Samsung SD850 32

This 32-inch monitor has a clear and bright screen clarity. It will give you utmost satisfaction because of its reliability and excellent picture quality. You will be able to expand your enjoyment whenever you use this monitor since the tasks that you will be doing will have less distraction. This monitor has a full HD resolution and flicker-free technology. Thus, you can enjoy smooth gameplay and are very suitable for any gamers who need a high-end graphics monitor.

Furthermore, the response time is only 5 ms. It has a low power consumption: 100 W. The monitor has a height adjustment function which allows you to tilt or rotate the screen and adjust the brightness automatically when you are busy watching movies or videos.

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2. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch monitors 1080p

 ViewSonic VX3276-MHD

The quality of this 32 inch monitor 1080p is adequate, designed in an ultra slim, wide screen, and unique desktop stand. It has a stunning screen with a frameless design and brilliant full HD resolution picture. The design is very modern with efficient features and a vivid image clarity, creating a better viewing experience. This monitor also has a fast response time. It comes with dual speakers that are very suitable for both home entertainment and office requirements.

This monitor allows you to connect to different devices because it comes with HDMI and VGA input and display port. Since this monitor adopts a flicker free technology, it helps a lot in minimizing eye strain, thus you can watch or enjoy working with this monitor for a longer time.

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1. LG 32MP58HQ-P 32-Inch Monitors with Screen Split


This monitor will become your happy purchase because it has an awesome price with a modern design. You will be exposed to a great viewing experience since this monitor has enhanced into a Full HD product to fulfill its commitment in providing the best quality for customers. This monitor is fantastic media entertainment. You will be pleasantly surprised with the lively colors that are consistent with the real-life view.

Moreover, this monitor has a very minimal distraction such as screen flickering. Each picture has amazing details and contrast, providing you a fabulous screening experience. Its response time is fast which is only 5 ms.

The screen split function allows you to multitask at your own pace. If you love reading or enjoy working for a long period, this monitor will be your best companion because it has a reader mode that can lessen your eyes fatigue. In short, this monitor is suitable for photos, gaming, internet browsing, movies, and more.

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Buying Guides

  1. Built-in speakers – Deciding to get which monitor is already a hassle. However, if your monitor comes with built-in speakers, it will give you less headaches in making another decision of what types of speaker model that you would get.
  2. Tilt-ability – If the screen of your monitor can be tilted, it will allow you to sit in any of your preferable positions that won’t give you back pain.
  3. Flickering Free Technology – Even if working is very important, you also have to take care of your eye sights. When your monitor adopts a flickering free technology, it can minimize your eye strain and you can spend longer time working.


We hope that this review will be able to help you decide which monitor that will be best suited for your personal use. As we already described above, these top 10 32-inch monitors are awesome displays that deliver the clarity images like a natural-looking view.